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Slumber Baby – When The Baby  Arrives

Slumber Baby – When a new baby arrives, we are so excited! However, there are many sleepless nights ahead leaving baby and parents overtired and searching for answers. Our wonderful blogger of the week is a Sleep consultant who is giving parents the encouragement and knowledge they need for their little dreamers. Sweet dreams are finally here for baby… and parents too!

Sleep Consultant Jenni

Writer and Sleep Consultant Jenni is a dream herself! Her recent post about helping your baby sleep through the night is perfect for New Years Eve and the rest of the year too! Jenni’s posts are not only incredibly informative but they’re easy to understand. Her user friendly site and access to her professional sleep services and consultation packages are a blessing to families. We were also thankful for her post about quiet time. In a chaotic household, its great to remember to go back to basics. Jenni is professional, kind hearted, extremely informative and understands what you are going through. She has Slumber Baby, a blog that is a wealth of information and a service that is a must for new and experienced families alike.
Whether you are pregnant, a new parent or a seasoned parent who has forgotten what a good night sleep looks like, this blog is for you. Jenni is kind enough to update regularly so keep checking back with her.


After struggling, and finally succeeding to help my daughter develop healthy sleep habits, I realized that I wanted to help other families by becoming a Certified Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute in 2015. Through this certification, I received a multi-faceted and in depth education in various solutions for both common and unique sleep issues at every age, regardless of how families approach sleep in their household.
I’ve been in your shoes and I find such joy in helping families get through tough sleep obstacles and find their way to healthy sleep!Human development has always been an interest of mine; my work with as a teacher over the last decade has enlightened me to the vast differences in needs, learning styles, strengths, and deficits.
I consider myself a lifelong student and researcher of holistic health and well-being, of which sleep is a cornerstone, if not the very foundation. My years of teaching and working with kids and their families makes me confident in my ability to teach in a new way: to help families learn strategies and skills to gently show their babies how to sleep restfully through their nights and naps.About my

Family Sleep Institute Certification

While many Sleep Consultant Certification programs exist, many require that consultants follow one solitary mode of helping babies sleep. To me, this was too narrow of a mindset for all of the families I know. I wanted to be able to help parents with all different philosophies, all different sleep-styles, and all different kinds of wonderful children achieve optimum sleep, and health! And so I found the Family Sleep Institute. During four months of intensive and consuming education of the highest order, everything having to do with infant and child sleep was covered in detail, including:
-Infant sleep safety
-SIDS caregiver certification
-Sleep and developmental milestones
-Varying parenting philosophies (in regards to sleep)
-Varying parental goals (in regards to sleep)
-Nap optimization
-Varying methods of teaching infants and children to sleep
-Transitional methods
-Sleep issues and disturbances
-Children with special needs and sleep
-Sleep and the nursing mother
-Sleep and attachment parenting
-Sleep and infant illness/teething

…and much, much more. FSI students are expected to research, read, and consider all angles of a family’s sleep issues as they determine the best plan of action. Continuing education is also a requirement. In short, I found the course I was hoping for to fit families of all kinds.

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