Welcome to 2016! Here are our favorite finds to help you start the New Year off right!

Breast Feeding Resources


Website: www.breastfeedingresources.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BreastfeedingResources
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRaeIBCLC
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Beverley Rae is making waves in the breastfeeding community. She is a certified lactation consultant and a clinical social worker. Since 1986, she has helped new mothers breastfeed their babies. Being a new Mother can be stressful and breastfeeding can be hard, but Beverly can be a trusted resource and guide to help! Her services are vast, including prenatal classes, groups, hospital grade breast pump rentals and more! Let’s not forget the Breastfeeding Central App. She is a trusted resource and a staple in the global breastfeeding community.

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Breastfeeding Resources is your trusted source, site and best friend through your journey through breastfeeding. Click here to visit them today!

Bloggers of The Month: Pocket Nannies



This blog is one of our favorites. Owned by three talented nannies, this blog is a resource for parents and nannies alike to be inspired by new ideas, thoughts and expert views.  Every recipe looks delicious so you have to check that out for inspiration. We enjoyed the post about homework. Are kids getting too much? As a global magazine we know that this a global concern for parents. We have to try this craft and you should too! It should be no surprise why this is one of our favorite blogs. Put this one on your blog roll parents! You will only leave more inspired, happy and fulfilled. This is a great community. Cheers to these three wonderful ladies!



We are three nannies passionate about creating an engaging and happy environment for the children in our care. With this in mind we have set up pocketnannies as an online space for parents and other nannies to find new and inspiring ideas.
Pocketnannies is updated regularly with….

  • imaginative craft and activity ideas
  • delicious recipes for the whole family
  • little tips and tricks we have picked up along the way
  • some expert views on current topics
  • reviews on the coolest, most useful children’s products we can find

Posts are written by an array of nannies, parents and childcare professionals. If you would like to contribute please email pocketnannies@gmail.com with your idea and we will get back to you ASAP.

The three of us met whilst training to become Norland Nannies, we all graduated with distinctions and BA Honours in Early Childhood Studies. However this blog is not affiliated with Norland and all opinions are our own.

Hi, I’m Sophie.

When I’m not nannying you will most likely find me in the kitchen baking and cooking. I also enjoy traveling and getting out of London to be by the sea. I’m a massive list writer and constantly have multiple lists on the go at any one time, I have a memory like a sieve!



Hello, I’m Sarah.

When I’m not nannying I enjoy nothing better than a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I also enjoy exploring London and going for a run but not all at once! I also have my own personal blog, please feel free to check it out here.



Hi, I’m Siobhan.

When I’m not nannying in London I like to escape the hustle and bustle and head back to Bath. I enjoy sewing and making clothes. I love creating homemade objects for my house, so I constantly have little projects on the go…however some just never seem to get finished.

Hi Grace,

Thank you, we are very complimented to hear such kind words from you. We only launched a month ago, so it is a


Nicki and Stella
website: www.nickyandstella.com

Nicky and Stella is a trendy, hip, cool online children’s clothing store. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a fresh look for your children! We love this safe and easy to navigate website and we know you will too!

 Sisters Alexia and Gina created this wonderful website and make sure that the clothes are rad and your kids are feeling great and comfortable in them! Our favorite part of this site is the smart ” Shop The Look” Feature, which allows parents to put a head to toe look together for their trendy tot. We find it simple to shop in the comfort of our own home and Nicky and Stella is the perfect site to do so! You can trust that your child is going to look great and be comfortable in these fabulous brands! The owners are as lovable as their brand and they love their customers to reach out to them anytime! This is how all businesses should be…
 How Nicky and Stella Began…
Our product is our online children’s shop, Nicky + Stella.  We offer hip, cool and fresh clothing and accessories for babies and kids.  Customers can buy various brands and handmade labels from around the world, all in one place and pay one flat rate for shipping.
Everyone always asks us if we are Nicky + Stella, or they just assume that we are.  We actually named the company after our parents.  Family is so important to us, and we truly feel beyond blessed to have the closeness and support that our family gives us.   We wanted to name it after them because they are such inspirations to us, and they deserve to be honored.

 Being an extremely close big Greek family, losing our Dad in 2013 completely devastated us all.  My Mom held her four kids together and somehow we get through it.  It’s something that we still struggle with, especially starting this new business.  We always viewed our Dad as the smartest man alive.  He has never worked for anyone besides himself, created and ran a hugely successful motorcycle apparel and soft goods company and had the best advice/guidance, especially when it came to business.  He and our Mom always encouraged us to think big and never settle.  With Alexia and I starting this company together two years after he passed, it was difficult emotionally to not have him there to guide us but also to see our accomplishments.   But we know how proud he would be of us, for just going for it.  


My sister and I began this company in Jan 2015.  At the time, she worked for Arden B/Wet Seal for almost 13 years as a buyer. She had a newborn at home, was working crazy long hours, having to travel for work, dealing with the passing of our Dad…it just all became too much.   I had worked for my Dad’s business for over 10 years as his personal assistant and office manager.  After he passed away, my older brother (who was VP of the business) took over and it was just too emotionally difficult to not have my Dad there every day.  My heart wasn’t in it anymore.  I called Alexia up one day and said “I have this crazy idea” and before I could even tell her what it was, she said “yes, let’s do it!”  We had talked about starting a business together, our whole lives, and now was the right time.  We could each use the skills we had learned over the years in our respective fields of work and bring them together to make magic happen. 

So we decided to just go for it.  We quit our jobs, sat down at my Mom’s kitchen table and started our business by googling “how to get a business license.”  Why were we in our Mom’s kitchen?  Because that’s just type of family that we are.  We lean on each other, we stick together.  All roads point back to home, and the endless cups of tea didn’t hurt wither. Were we crazy?  Here we were, about to start a brand new business, not making a salary, investing half of our savings into buying inventory, building a website etc, and using the other half of our savings to pay our mortgages every month.  As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think either one of us were scared.  We knew it was the right time, we had a clear vision and it was just time to execute it.

Tone Every Zone
Its the New Year, take care of yourself! Get into shape with Irina and her fabulous Tone Every Zone! Irina is not just a trainer, she is a force, an inspiration and your best friend through out your journey. She is bright, she is passionate and she was THERE. She understands that you are about to embark on a journey. Her journey began with PX90 and she is excited to teach you how to Tone all of your zones. Irina has the education to back up what she is saying and of course, so many wonderful testimonials. This wonderful woman is also fun, down to earth and has a friendly approach to you becoming your very best.
About Irina…
The first thing you should know about me is that, unlike most personal trainers out there, I was not always fit. I’m not a former athlete and I didn’t do sports all my life.
In fact, I spent most of my life eating really unhealthy food and not gaining an ounce.
So what happened? How did I go from being unfit, unhealthy and not having a problem with it, to becoming a personal trainer?
The first thing that happened was my daughter. The second thing that happened was my husband persuading me to join him in doing an extreme home-based exercise program. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: it’s called P90X.

Little did he know what he was starting! Not only did I really get into it, it became a bit of an obsession. We finished P90X and moved on to other home-based exercise programs. By this time people started to notice. And they started asking questions:

“How are you so fit?”
“How can you possibly look like this after having a baby?”
“What can I do to look like you?”
I really wanted to help answer all of these questions, but all I could tell them was: “We did P90X”. Turns out this recipe, as successful as it has been, does not work for everyone. Some people can work out 5 days a week, others only two; some are perfectly healthy, others are recovering from an injury; some have one hour to spare, others only 30 minutes. And the list goes on and on.

I’m also a scientist, so I also wanted to give people fitness education rooted in science, not answers I learned from a workout video. Answers that I could back off with facts.
Finally, I had become so passionate about fitness that I genuinely wanted to help others get in shape too. All I started seeing around me were people with an incredibly strong desire to become active – all they needed was that extra push from someone. And so, Tone Every Zone was born!

I am committed to uphold my personal values in everything that I do, be it fitness related or otherwise. I like to joke and be silly, because that’s what makes workouts, and life in general, truly fun!
I offer my clients a variety of services, from weight and cardio training, to tandem training, to specifically designing workouts for moms. I work with my clients in their homes or in the gyms they have in their buildings. Tone Every Zone is a mobile personal training company servicing New Westminster, as well as parts of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Surrey. Tone Every Zone comes to you, saving you the cost gym memberships, and eliminating the need to adhere to a schedule set by a commercial gym
Hi Little One
hi little one1
We love Hi Little One’s crisp, cool style and we know you will too! It’s hard to find unique, stylish newborn designs until now!
From month to month sets to personalized tee shirts, your child can be stylish, unique and be comfortable! Get the big sister shirt you really wanted or tell your husband he is going to be a Dad with a customized shirt! Hi Little One is not only a store, but they are making memories. Think about how cute a family photo would be with Hi Little One. This wonderful company is perfect for families. We see only big things for Hi Little One in 2016!
Hi Little One started a little bit by accident. I studies graphic design in college, but went on to make a career out of managing web development – keeping design as a hobby.  When my friends started having babies, I had a difficult time finding newborn gifts I liked. There were so few options for modern, personal gifts that weren’t cheesy, too cutesy or overplayed. So I started working with my sister, Maggie, and we started making our own custom gifts using iron-on t-shirt transfers. I’d include inside jokes from college, hometown nods and nicknames. They were a departure from the ordinary and a personal, pleasant surprise. And people really seemed to like them. A lot.
We have three brothers and they all started “placing orders.” That’s when we really started to feel like we were on to something. I’ve never been a girly girl (was never the babysitting type), but I was still surprised at how out of place I felt shopping for baby clothes. Try being a 25-year-old single guy looking for a gift for his best bro from college’s kid! There was clearly a void.
We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last February, to raise the funds to purchase our printer. We opened our online shop mid April and have been full steam ahead since! We are constantly working to add new products, optimize what we have, and learn from our customers.  Our products are made in America, we ship personalized items within 5 business days (unheard of in the baby gifting space) and we donate 10% of our products to organizations that support the treatment and research of pediatric cancers.  We ship worldwide and I genuinely believe we have the best designs out there. I’m so proud of what we’ve built this far and cant’ wait to take this little company into 2016!