Aquaheat on the Go Instant Food and Bottle Warming Solution

As a parent it is hard to find a warming solution for food and bottles that is not eco friendly. We were so happy to find Aquaheat and what they are offering parents today!


How important is it for families to embrace eco-conscious products?

Yes, families should embrace eco-conscious products so we can reduce waste and pollution for healthier planet. It is important for everyone to be more conscious about the way we live and use goods.

Tell us about Aquaheat products…


Aquaheat is an on-the-go instant food and bottle warming solution brought by Innobaby for today’s busy parents. A simple system conveniently designed to warm food, liquids and bottles without the use of battery or electricity while traveling, the new collection includes the Aquaheat Stainless Bottle and Warming Pod and various Food Warmer options. The new assortment of versatile food warmer products are easy to use, portable to take anywhere and warms food or drinks instantly – perfect for a delicious, nutritious and warm meal anytime, anywhere.

How does Aquaheat modernize eco conscious products for a greener planet and healthier kids?


There is no need to use battery, fire electricity so the product is eco-friendly. Most importantly, Aquaheat packs are biodegradable and non toxic and requires little water to active the heat pack. Its’ natural chemical reaction will deliver instant steam heat to warm food anytime, anywhere.

Tell us about some of your food warmer options…


Food warmers are available in two sizes – SOLO and MEGA. We also offer stainless bottle warmer.