Busy Moms? Tips to Help You Feel Recharged and Relaxed


By: Anita Ginsburg



Juggling work, house, spouse and kids will leave any woman ready to tear her hair out at one time or another. Busy moms frequently focus on everyone else and forget to take personal time to recharge and relax. Luckily, there are several things they can do to take a mental and emotional break from the responsibilities of work, home and family and emerge ready to take on the world afterward.


Take a 10 Minute Vacation

When everything avalanches down into a pile of crazy activity and the busy mom doesn’t know which way to turn next, taking a 10 minute vacation can definitely help her recharge and relax. Mom can put herself in time out behind a locked bedroom or bathroom door. Deep breathe, light a scented candle to help relax and envision a beautiful beach or soothing forest scene.


Contact a Support System

Stressed out moms should build a contact list of other moms, friends or family members they can call on when things get tough. A quick conversation or venting to someone who will understand can help reset the stress and relax.


Schedule a Spa Day

Nothing can provide more relaxation and recharging of the mom batteries than a soothing day at a place like the Art of Living Retreat Center. Go alone or go with a friend, but do not allow any stress or outside contact for a few hours. Luxuriate in the time away and all the relaxing massages and treatments they have to offer.


Exercise for the Endorphin Rush

Taking a brisk walk or getting in a bit of vigorous dancing to upbeat music can help the brain’s natural chemistry recharge the whole body and psyche. Although a quick burst of activity can help shed stress, a regular schedule of exercise will do more constant good.


Re-Schedule Life for Mom Time

If the busy mom struggles to find time for herself and can never seem to get away even for a few minutes to recharge her batteries, it is time to take a look at the schedule and re-work it. Children and her significant other should sit down and figure this out altogether. Moms should never feel guilty about asking for a personal break in their busy schedule.


Busy moms need tools and habits that protect their emotional and mental well-being as they juggle all the responsibilities of life. Even though work, spouse and kids are very important, a busy mom has to make herself a priority sometimes too.