Carrington Farms is supplying foods that people want. Certified Organic, healthy grains and seeds that people want to consume. We are excited to tell you about the wonderful world of Flax Seeds, in these two delicious offerings from Carrington Farms.


We loved these two amazing healthy packages: Organic Whole Flax Seeds and Organic Flax Hemp Blend.


Organic Flax Hemp Blend


Always keeping the consumer in mind, Carrington Farms has Organic Flax Hemp blend,. Organic Milled Flax is sliced, not crushed! The seeds contain those important omega 3s, protein and lignans. What a perfect combination! If you’re on the go, enjoy these seeds on their own or great creative and add them to your favorite recipes! Think of giving your soups or salads a spring in your step! We loved adding it to various baked recipes and to our yogurt. You can also add it to oatmeal. The Organic Flax Hemp blend is not to be missed and is a staple for every healthy family kitchen,

Organic Flax Seeds


When you are craving that delicious nutty flavor but are looking for some important nutrients, then look no further to Organic Flax Seeds. We love sprinkling this over our shakes and cereals but it is also delicious on salads and casseroles. Get creative with Organic Flax Seeds and add them to your favorite recipe or just take a handful if you’re on the go.

Carrington Farms packages are re-sealable to ensure freshness and flavor. They can also be frozen. This is perfect for the busy family who is always in and out of the kitchen.


Stay healthy and keep giving your family the healthy fuel they need with Carrington Farms. You will love both of these Flax Seed Options as much as we do!