Carson Crosses Canada

Carson is a dog who loves a great adventure, so when his human, Annie, tells him that they are going on a cross country trip to visit Annie’s sister, Elsie in Newfoundland, he could not resist!

We cannot think of a better way to travel this great country than to set out from Canada’s West Coast and visit the East Coast.

The Talent behind the Book

Author Linda Bailey paints a beautiful picture of each and every province that Annie and Carson drive through. She highlights one very special spot for the reader to learn more about and enjoy. It brings a lot of history, culture and a lot of geography in every province. Illustrator Kass Reich paints beautiful pictures that make you feel like you have been suddenly inserted into each province, breathing in the air and experiencing the site. It takes a real talent to do this.

Why Your Children Will Love This Book

Most of all, your children will be so excited about the spunky Carson and his squeaky chicken exploring these wonderful sites. The delightful Annie has a piece of wisdom for your reader to learn more about this wonderful country.

Tundra books chose the perfect story to share with your family. Who knows, maybe you and your family will be planning your next cross country trip someday soon!

Our children loved the beautiful scenes and the quirky Carson learning and inquisitive across the whole country.

Why “You Must Read Until the End”

Once the dynamic duo arrives in Newfoundland to see Annie’s sister, Carson is in for a huge surprise that you cannot miss! The whole story comes together in one great tapestry at the end when Carson is presented with the best surprise a dog can ask for. Spoil alert! It’s not a second squeaky toy! You’re going to have to read to the end to find out what it is and why it is so special.

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This book is so entertaining and something that children (and adults) of all ages would enjoy and learn something. Our favorite parts is the way the beauty of Saskatchewan is painted to the young readers. It is such a beautiful province and the fields were exactly what made us fall in love with it, so many years ago. We are glad that this will be shared with the readers also! We also loved how Quebec Cities famous Tourtieres were shared with the reader. Unbeknownst to many Canadians, this dish is a Canadian staple for deliciousness but also to fill the bellies of many hungry people during those cold, harsh winter months of early Canada. It’s a piece of French Culture and Canadian history.

It’s a Must for Canada Day

This book is the perfect way to start Canada Day, to announce a trip to Canada to your young children or a just because for your family library or your classroom. See Canada through his dynamic duos eyes and forever be touched of how beautiful Canada really is.