When you go through tough times, the hours just wondering and worrying can feel never ending. Deborah S. Derman Ph.D. has created an adult coloring/colouring book with Illustator Lisa Powell Braun.


This adult coloring/colouring book is very unique, it is for those who are getting through tough times. With a special place on every second page for your thoughts, this is ideal for those who want to journal and color/colour.

Deborah has also been a grief counselor for over 20 years. This colouring/coloring book is ideal for adults experiencing a significant loss or challenge in their lives. This book is set to provide a guided meditation with a quiet activity  to think about the path to healing and recovery.

This book is helpful to those who have lost a loved one, who have suffered from the loss of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or still birth or who feel depressed.

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