Daily Kiddo App Review

The Daily Kiddo app is an adorable alternative to popular social media when it comes to sharing pictures with family or friends. Using Facebook and Instagram are two sites where parents can easily lose control of who is looking at their children/family photos. The Daily Kiddo app allows family members to use and share photos and grant permission to those nearest and dearest to access your child’s pictures and milestones.

Everyone in the social media land have seen the countless pictures and updates regarding a loved one’s or family member’s children. Sometimes parents can forget how many people have access to their photos, and many times these priceless moments can escape through a privacy setting. This app completely controls your photos and memories and keeps it out of the hands of people you don’t know well.

daily kiddo

One of the best features is parents not only can share their family photos but also share their child’s milestones and daily adventures. Not everyone on social media will appreciate my child’s every move, but knowing that I can still share these updates with others, makes using this app worthwhile.

The Daily Kiddo app is an amazing alternative to sharing and keeping families memories safe with a selected few that parents can choose. Simply download the app today and share it with your closest family. Sharing memories and moments will never be the same again!

By: Karen Del Ben