It is a common misconception that a baby does not understand what you’re saying. In fact, from the time you are born, your little one spends their time studying your every move, from the way you make sounds to the expressions on your face. They are a sponge of information gathering little bundles of joy. Small Talk by Nicola Lathey and Tracey Blake highlight the practical tools to understand babies and help them develop speech and language.


It is highly recommended that you have regular and frequent, engaging conversations with your baby or toddler. It will help them have larger vocabularies and do better in school. Small Talk is the book to help you utilize these precious years and identify speech patterns your little one has and encourage language development.

The book  is divided by age, from the pre-babble phase to combining words and eventually, getting into more complex sentences. Co- Author Nicola is a speech language therapist and has worked globally with children under the age of five with speech, language and communication problems. She breaks each phase of a child’s speech development into easy understand chapters, with well thought out examples and ideas that you can do with your little one.


Our favourite part is the overall tone of the book. We like that it is easy to understand for all parents, encourages natural, engaging conversations and the tools are easy to use and benefit your child’s future. believes that your children learn best in their most formative years by looking up to their parents or guardians for sentence structure. Small Talk gives easy to use tools to build up your child’s language development, while making great memories with your children!


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