She starred on the Facts of Life and Survivor: Philippines runner up, but mother of three Lisa Whelchel has teamed up with her trainer, Janice Clark to produce a workout for the Everyday Woman!

This workout video is for the everyday woman who wants to feel healthier, stronger, more energetic and of course, lose some weight. This workout is less then an hour and has a personal training tips section on proper body alignment, engaging the core and breathing.

What we loved about this workout is it shows you different modifications to each work out so you can “grow” with the video. Trainer Janice Clark emphasizes that you want to work out and not injure yourself or exasperate an old injury. We find that many new Moms who are trying to get back into shape will push themselves beyond their limits and injure themselves, thus discouraging working out all together. With the different levels of each maneuver and the positive encouragement from Janice and Lisa, the 45 minute work out flies by!


Whether you are a New Mom who is beginning to regain fitness or a Mom who just wants to get back into shape but needs a good start, this workout is for you! We especially recommend the 17 minute training tips section first so you can properly breathe through this exercise and engaging your core.