Last October, we moved into our new house in a new neighbourhood. The weather had gotten cold and the house was great but the garden was barely touched. I saw this as a great project next spring with my little one, that we can design a garden together. We have this canvas to work with but that involves a lot of work. The soil in this new area is rich and perfect for growing vegetables and flowers a like but we have to create this oasis of fresh food and beautiful flowers. It’s February and though it is very cold, it’s time to plan our garden. The next few months are going to be fun, but messy and we need the right tools to get this garden going!

Using Digz

I never knew how important a good set of garden gloves were. They not only keep you clean but they can protect you from thorns or things you never knew you were allergic to. You never know what is in the ground from a previous owner (my uncle once found buried garbage in his centurian home!) so with garden gloves, you are not only keeping clean but keeping safe.

When we received three pairs of DIGZ gloves to review, we were so happy that we had thick and comfortable gloves to protect us from gardening, but they have even more purposes.

They are also great for plumbing and using hand and power tools! These gloves are perfect for around the house tasks! They are also machine washable and have these soft mesh back that allows my hands to breathe. The reinforced palm gives me the grip to continue safely with my work.

They come in youth size and various adult sizes so the gloves are accommodating you, you are not accommodating the gloves.

You Can Use Your Touch Screen

Digz are also touch screen compatable so if you need to check your phone or look something up in the middle of your task, you can do it with gloves on.

So now I have these gloves that protect me while I am gardening and doing handy work around the house. They have these beautiful designs on them and they come in both youth and adult sizes so my children can help me around the house.

It may be my first year in my new house but now I can get excited about gardening and home projects thanks to Digz!