Dim Sum Palace- Liddy is excited. She is about to go to sleep but she is going to Dim Sum Palace tomorrow and she could not be more thrilled. However, a delightful and tasty dream occurs, bringing Liddy to be a little dumpling herself! Will the Empress invite Liddy for dim sum or will she be a little dumpling forever?

Author and Illustrator X. Fang tells a delightful story about family, imagination and delicious food. Published by Tundra books, this is another winning book for families.

What’s It About

Little Liddy is so excited to go to bed. That may sound uncommon for any young child but Liddy can’t wait to go to sleep. The faster she goes to sleep, the faster she can wake up and go to her favorite restaurant with her family, Dim Sum Palace. However, when Liddy falls asleep she goes into a very vivid dream. She becomes a dumpling and is about to be fed to the Empress! Will the Empress eat her or will she make a new friend? Is this a dream or a new reality? This book is delightful, delicious and about friends, family and great food.

The writing and illustrations of X. Fang keep children and parents alike interested for the entire read. We can almost guarantee you will be craving dim sum at the end of this! With whimsical, imaginative writing and beautiful illustrations, your child will be thrilled from Liddy going to bed to meeting the Empress.

Extra Credit

Have your children drawt themselves in a dumpling. Or have your children dine with the Empress. How was their meal? Afterwards, take your child to a dim sum restaurant or make a dim sum recipe yourself!