Disney has been in our lives for generations. For many people, they play a major part of our childhood. It is no surprise that when people have children of their own, they consider Disney Names. Disney names for girls and boys can be nostalgic and hold a special place in that families heart. Baby names from Disney offer a great way to connect your child with the favorite characters from your movie and have that bond last a lifetime.

Disney Names For Boys

There are so many great Disney names for boys. From classic Disney to the new and modern movies that we see today, Disney boy names never disappoint. They are creative with great meanings and make perfect names for your little guy. Here are some of the best Disney names for boys.


Disney lovers will know that Adam is the name of The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. It is not revealed in the original movie but in subsequent movies afterwards. Adam has a Hebrew origin and means one of “Earth.”


In the movie Aladdin, the main character Aladdin changes his name to Prince Ali to impress Princess Jasmine. Later on, she discovers that this is not his name and he is definitely not a prince. However, the name Ali is very beautiful and popular all over the world. This gender neutral name is a fan favorite.

Ali means one who is “elevated” and has an Arabic origin.


He may be the co protagonist in Chip and Dale , but Chip has spunk! This nickname for Charles became a name in itself. Popular in the 1950s, this lovable name means “chip off the old block” of ones father. The name Chip graduated to have the same meaning as “Junior”. Can Chip be revived in this century?


The co protagonist to Chip and Dale, Dale is the lovable and goofy character in many movies and television shows. Dale is old English for the word “valley” and makes a great outdoors name.


Disney’s favorite duck makes our list of Disney inspired boy names. Donald is the lovable excitable duck that is one of Mickey’s best friends. Donald has starred in countless movies and Disney TV shows.

The name Donald has a Celtic origin and means one with “power.”


In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Eric is the prince that Ariel rescues during a horrible storm. She takes him to shore after he falls off a ship and saves his life. She falls in love with him but she is a mermaid. Will Ariel be able to win Eric?

Eric means “one who rules forever” and is an Old Norse name.


Cinderella is thankful for her little mouse friend Gus. He is always there to help her through the tough times and even helps save her from being locked in her room! Her evil step mother is no match for Cinderella, Gus and friends!

The name Gus has a Latin origin and a very interesting history. Taken from the name “Augustus”, Gus means one who is majestic.


In the movie Cinderella, the prince is only known as Prince Charming. As it was recently revealed, Prince Charming’s name is actually Henri. Henri means “ruler of the home” and this version of the name has a French origin.


The lovable son of Goofy has an adorable name! Max starred in A Goofy Movie along with various TV shows. Max wanted to go see his favorite singer while his Dad, Goofy wanted to go across the United States for a summer trip. Unfortunately, Max told a tale that he knew this famous singer and was set out to “prove” to his high school that he knew this famous person. Additionally, hilarity ensued and a great lesson was learned by Max. The name Max has a Latin origin and means “greatest”.


Mickey Mouse has started it all! The lovable mouse from movies and television shows is rumored to be named after famous actor Mickey Rooney, when Walt Disney met him as a child. Mickey Mouse is timeless, with generation after generation falling in love with him over and over again.

This name has a Hebrew origin and means one who “resembles God.”


There are a few Disney characters with the name Monty, but our personal favorite is Monty from Rescue Rangers. Monty is short for Monterey Jack, playfully named after the cheese.


Though Pete can be a villian in Disney movies and TV shows, he can also have a softer side… at times! Pete has a Greek origin and means “rock” which explains Pete’s hard and strong personality.


In the movie The Princess and the Frog, Ray is a firefly with a lot of spunk. He becomes friends with Tiana and goes through out the movie being a friend to all. The name Ray means “protector” and is of the English origin.

These are some of the best Disney boy names for your inspiration.

Disney Names For Girls

Disney names for girls never disappoints! There are a plethora of great names for girls that are from the Disney movies. From classic movies Disney produced to the modern movies and TV shows that we see today, there is no shortage of Disney girl names to inspire you to name your little girl. Here are some of the best names for girls inspired by Disney characters.


The classic Disney movie Alice in Wonderland brings back so many great memories! Alice is determined to follow the white rabbit and ends up going on some wild adventures! The name Alice has a German origin and means “noble.”


Queen Anna is representing Arendelle with this beautiful name. From the hit movie Frozen, Anna has inspired many parents to name their daughters after this strong and bold character. The name Anna means “grace” and is found in both Latin and Hebrew names. Anna has spread all over the world and is now a fan favorite thanks to Disney.


Even though Anastasia was very mean to Cinderella in Cinderella’s first movie, we see a new side to her in the subsequent movies. She softens and shows her true colors as a caring, self conscious person who is just trying to fit in. Anastasia is a beautiful name meaning “resurrection” and originates from Greece.


This wonderful classic Disney movie had people loving the name Ariel. The youngest of King Tritan’s daughters, Ariel is the mermaid who goes to Ursula, a sea witch and bargains a deal to become human for just three days in order to try to win the heart of Prince Eric. Unluckily for Ariel, this one sided bargain takes her voice. This action packed tale encourages people to go for their dreams.

Ariel means “lion of God” and has a Hebrew based origin. Recently, this aquatic heroine is becoming more and more popular.


This is one of our favorite Disney movies. This Disney girl name is a top choice! Aurora has had a spell cast on her as a baby. Her parents send her to live with three wonderful fairies to protect her. If she pricks her finger, she will die. Despite the best efforts of her allies, she pricks her finger and her fairy friends slightly adjust the curse that she will be asleep. Aurora will only awaken with the kiss of true love.

This name was quite strategically given by Disney. Meaning “dawn”, this Latin based name is almost like a new awakening.


For the Disney experts out there, they would know that Bianca “Miss Bianca” was the star mouse from The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. This brave and gentle mouse was always ready to help others, while bringing class and sass to any rescue mission.

Bianca means “white” and originates from Italy. Consider this Disney name for your little girl!


In the movie The Princess and The Frog, Charlotte is wealthy, naive and not really down to earth. Thankfully, through out the course of the movie, she is Tiana’s life long friend and learns a lot through out the movie. The name Charlotte comes from the French origin and means “free woman.” We also have some great middle name pairings for Charlotte.


Disney fans will know that the name Dinah comes from Alice’s adorable little kitten from Alice in Wonderland. This beautiful name means “vindicated” and has a Hebrew origin.


The movie Cinderella is a fan favorite all over the world. As Cinderella’s father dies, she is left with her step mother and two step sisters. They make her a slave in their own home and when she dreams to go to the ball hosted by the prince, her animals friends and a fairy godmother help to make this dream come true. It was not easy, thanks to her evil step mother and step sisters. Though the name Cinderella is not used by the Disney fan base for baby names, many families shorten it to be Ella after our dear kind heroine from the movie.

Ella means “she” and has a Spanish origin.


When Disney put out Beauty and the Beast, it was loved around the world. The animation was amazing and some argue this was their best movie. Who stands out the most to us is Belle, an intelligent curious young lady who loves to read, befriends Beast, after a misunderstanding and imprisonment of her father. Belle trades herself as prisoner so her father can be set free. Belle begins to develop a friendship with Beast and the breaking down of barriers ensues. This lovable tale was animated beautifully and its songs are still memorized by millions, even after thirty years of success.

The name Belle comes from a French origin and means “beautiful.”


The lovable best friend of Minnie Mouse and the girlfriend of Donald Duck is always a fan favorite. Daisy has appeared in many Disney television shows and movies. The name Daisy comes from Old English that means a “day’s eve”. It is also a beautiful flower name.


In the movie Frozen, Elsa was suddenly the Queen of Arendelle. She dealt with keeping her powers a secret and left the kingdom suddenly to hide her feelings and powers from others. During the movie we see Elsa come into her own and learn that she is loved and the power of love.

Meaning “God is my oath”, this name has a Scandinavian origin.


In the 1999 Disney hit Tarzan, Jane meets this human being living alone with only nature and animals as his friends. Though the name Jane was a common one for years, it is now a more unique rare name these days. The name Jane comes from and English origin and it means “God is gracious.”


In the Disney hit Aladdin, Jasmine is a princess who is not allowed to leave the palace. She yearns to see what is beyond the palace walls. She meets Aladdin, a poor person from the streets who was granted three wishes. He is disguised as Prince Ali and shows Jasmine there is a whole world outside of her palace.

The name Jasmine is of a Persian origin which means one who is a “gift from God.”


Meg or Megra is the the love interest of Hercules in the movie Hercules. Though she is with the bad guys at first, we learn that Meg has a complicated and loving side to her. Meg is a beautiful girls name. Meaning “pearl”, it has a Greek origin.


In the movie Brave, we learn that Merida is a very skilled archer. However, she is a daughter of a king and must start thinking of marriage. Merida challenges this and wants to learn to create her own life, without being forced to marry someone. This movie teaches, bravery, doing what is right and believing in yourself even when other people do not believe in you. The name Merida has a Latin origin that means “one who has achieved the highest honor”.


This adorable character is one of the main faces of Disney. We love Minnie in all of her movies and shows. She is kind, sweet and caring towards all of her friends. Her adorable bows are a hit with children all over the world. Minnie comes from old English and means “intellectual.” Consider this smart name.


The Princess and the Frog takes place in New Orleans in the 1920s. We meet Tiana, a waitress who works hard to make ends meet. Tiana has big dreams to own her own restaurant one day. She meets a visiting prince who is cursed by a witch doctor. When she kisses the prince, both she and the prince are turned into frogs! Adventure ensues as Tiana tries to break the spell.

Tiana originates from Russia and means “princess.”


We are not just mentioning the Disney movie names but the Disney show names as well! From Fancy Nancy we have the name Nancy! Nancy Clancy is s spry six year old who loves everything French culture. However, she is a suburban American girl! She loves elegance, class and tries hard to emulate all that she loves.

Nancy has a Hebrew origin and means “grace.”


This name is for the true Disney lover. In the television series Duck Tales, Libby is Webby’s cousin

These are some of the best Disney girl names for your inspiration.

Unique Disney Names For Girls

There are many great Disney girl names that are out there to choose from but if you are looking for some of the more unique Disney girl names, this is your spot for inspiration! Here are some top unique Disney names for girls that can work for your little one!


She may be the name of one of Cinderella’s evil step sisters but the name Drusilla is very pretty. It means “fruitful” and it has a Greek origin. Take this beautiful name and give it a brand new understanding for your little girl.


The main character of the movie Mulan is brave, smart and fierce. When her country goes to war, one male of every family must sign up. Mulan’s father is very old and signs up for war. Instead, Mulan dresses like a boy and joins the war in the middle of the night. She faces many trials and tribulations during her training and defending of her country.

This Chinese name means “magnolia flower” which is a beautiful representation of all people who consider this name for their little girl.

Unique Disney Names For Boys

Unique Disney names for boys are just a few of the fun and interesting names that you can name your little one. These are names that are both likable but also rare enough that they will be remembered. Here are a couple of rare Disney names for boys that you are going to love.


This villian from Beauty and the Beast has a lot of flair. He knows he is strong, handsome and quick, but it is clear that he can’t get everything he wants. Meaning foreign warrior, the name Gaston has a Germanic base.


In The Princess and The Frog, we learn that Prince Naveen is a little full of himself. As he becomes a frog in the movie, he realizes what true life and true love can actually feel like. The name Naveen means new and originates from India. This is a perfect rare Disney boy name.

Other Great Boy Names

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