DrinkMate Home Carbonator

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the thing that brings everyone together is the kitchen. Good food and drinks are what keep people feeling comfortable and having a great time. In a busy household with family, friends and kids, its nice to have a delicious drink to help everyone relax and have a great time. We have always loved Drinkmate, but now with the new Drinkmate Home Carbonator in arctic blue, we are excited to celebrate the season with delicious carbonated beverages.

What Makes Drinkmate Home Carbonator The Best

The Drinkmate Home Carbonator has a crisp, cool, sleek design. Its arctic blue color fits in any kitchen and becomes a conversation piece. People want to know what this beautiful appliance is and what it does. The arctic blue model is gorgeous. It fits in with every kitchen and has a thin design so it does not take up a lot of space for busy areas.

They are a leader in the home carbonation category. Parents want a fun drink to enjoy the day while tending to the family, the home and work. We also love that you can make healthier drinks by using carbonated water or juice or make delicious mocktails.

We are so excited that Drinkmate has brought this new and beautiful Arctic cool colour to Canada. families can drink this quickly and safely! It retails at only $99.95 and is  great price for lifelong delicious drinks. No more going to the grocery store shopping around for your favorite carbonated water or juice. You can get this at home in just seconds!

It Is About Health

With Drinkmate, you know what it is going into your carbonated water or homemade juice. You are choosing how much carbon goes into your drink and you know the ingredients. It only takes seconds. When you are buying at a grocery store, you have to be careful on what ingredients are in your drink. Take complicated out of your drink menu and add Drinkmate!

Using Drinkmate Is Easy

This is fast, easy and most of all fun to use the drinkmate. Take the kids to learn how to as well. It takes only four easy steps to add some sparkle to your juice, water or even cocktails when the kids are in bed! We were very liucky because we made our own iced tea. It was such a nice treat and tasted absolutely delicious. It was just the right amount of carbon!

Add some sparkle and deliciousness to your life and get your drinkmate home carbonator today in this beautiful arctic blue colour.