Okay it’s time! Your child shows all the signs that they want to stop wearing diapers, now what? It’s time to get  ready to potty train. Being an organized and prepared parent helps immensely in this situation. Here are 5 ways to prepare for potty training.

So start with getting what you need before you potty training:

Here are our 5 ways to prepare for potty training. It’s going to be easier than you think!

  • Cleaning supplies: there will be accidents, every child has them and even after they are potty trained, accidents happen so make sure you have what you need to clean up the mess.
  • Underwear for your little one: Take them with you; make it a fun and exciting activity. Let them choose princess or Spiderman underwear, if they love it they will want to wear it. They may even just carry it around the house sometimes because they love their underwear so much! And buy a lot, because like I said, accidents will happen so you need to have clean ones on hand.
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  • Get your incentive for your little one. Whether it is stickers, a check mark, or an M&M just makes sure you have whatever you need on hand so you can reward your little one for what they did.
  • Lots of clean pants too. 🙂 When accidents happen, underwear and pants both get dirty, so always have clean clothes with you.
  • Potty seats: At home potty seats in each bathroom and travel potty seats, be prepared and have what you need so they can go anywhere.

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So if you and your little one are ready, let the potty training begin! Number one rule, once you take away the diaper, just never go back :)!

Happy Potty Training!