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Elegant Baby was founded in 1967 and has continued to uphold their values of integrity, social responsibility, corporate stewardship, sustainability and respect for those who craft, sell and wear their products.

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Featured in People, USA Today, Pregnancy and Newborn and O Magazine, Elegant Baby is not only showcasing quality gifts for children, but they are a top affordable gift.

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Thanks to Rachel Florio- Urso, the Celebrity Baby Trend Expert who introduced us to Elegant Baby, we now know why top celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani and Tom Cruise give their children these wonderful products. A combination of craftsmanship and affordability is hard to find, but we are happy to know about this wonderful gem for families!

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Monograming and Personalized gifts and blankets are also available to those searching for that extra special gift!

We think these beautiful pictures speak for themselves, so simply click here to treat your child or a child you love to some of these fabulous gifts today!