Nicknames For Ava

Ava is a beautiful girl’s name and a fan favorite for many families. Ava may be a short name, so many people do not think that this name could have a nickname. However, Nicknames for Ava do exist and nicknames can also be longer than the original name itself! Let’s explore what the name Ava means, where it originates from and review some of the many possible nicknames for Ava.

Ava Meaning, Origins

Ava name meaning



Ava is a beautiful name that has been around since the Medieval ages! Ava in Latin originates from the word “Avis” that means bird. In Germanic and Hebrew, Ava means “life”. This is generally a girls name and it is a strong girls name with those meanings! To many families, they would think Ava is a new name and trendy, when in fact, it is centuries old and has been a popular name in many different countries. This two syllable name does have nicknames, which you will soon find are longer than the name itself!

The Best Nicknames For Ava

Nicknames bond friends and family with your child. It is like acknowledging that these people are close with your child and your family when they have a delightful nickname.

When you have such a beautiful and long lasting name like Ava, you have to have some great nicknames to go along with it. Here are the best nicknames for Ava that you are going to love.  Picture your child having these wonderful nicknames through out their life that make them special and unique. Everyone will always remember these nicknames. Here are the best nicknames for Ava:

Best Nicknames For Ava

1. Avaline

2. Avalynn





7. Aye


9. Aves

10. Avalinda

11. Avalina


13. Dayva (like Diva)

14. Ave

15. Avah

16. Ahv

17. Avalanche

18. Avary (like Aviary) since Ava derives from meaning bird.

19. Avalon

20. Available – pronounced “Avah” instead of “Avail”.

21. Avanture – like adventure.

22. Aval – like avail.

23. Aviva

24. Vie

25. Vivre

26. Vale

27. Vail

28. Aia

29. Aves

30. Vales

31. Aias

32. Avatar

33. Aves

34. Via

Cute Nicknames For Ava

Cute nicknames are perfect for a baby or an adult. It is a term of endearment and it makes the person on the receiving end feel special. Nicknames create bonds between family and a baby or friends and makes everyone feel like they are part of a community. Many nicknames last until adulthood, with some lasting a life time. Compliment the Ava in your life with these cute and adorable nicknames.

  1.  Avie- Poo
  2. Avie Lou
  3. Avadee
  4. Avadoll
  5. Aviebird – a play on names, almost like saying bird bird
  6. Avabird
  7. Avie Bavie
  8. Ava cado- a play on avacado, pronouncing the letter “A” like “Aye” instead of “ah”.
  9. Vie Vie
  10. Ava Bava
  11. lava
  12. Avah lanche- like avalance, pronouncing the letter “a” like “aye” instead of “ah.”
  13. Bayva- a great one for babies as it is a combination of baby plus Ava.
  14. Ave BAve
  15. Avie Bavie
  16. Avie Baby
  17. Aver
  18. Vivi
  19. Avi
  20.  Avister
  21. Avalee
  22. Aviedavy

Ava Middle Names

Ava is such a beautiful name, it needs a beautiful middle name! Luckily with Ava, both traditional and trendy names work so well with this three lettered name. We have the top middle names for Ava guaranteed to make get you inspired.

Famous People Named Ava – Nickname Inspiration

Since you have chosen the name “Ava” for your child, there are some pretty famous and notable people with this name. These adorable nicknames for Ava are perfect for your daughter. Here are some of the famous and notable people with the name Ava that would make perfect famous nicknames for your little one.

Ava Gardner

This beautiful actress and singer was popular across the world. Her Hollywood stardom made her the talk of the town for over 70 years! Ava Gardner is a perfect celebrity Ava nickname for your little one, especially if they are an aspiring actor and/or singer!

Ava DuVernay

This talented American filmmaker, writer, producer and director is a perfect Ava nickname for your little one. If your child is creative, brilliant and/or shows an interest in film, Ava DuVernay is a perfect nickname for your little Ava!

Ava Alice Muriel Astor

Ava Alice Muriel Astor was a famous American socialite and a part of the wealthy Astor family. The Astors made their fortune in real estate and horse breeding. Ava and her mother left to England where she married a prince. For your little Princess, the nicknames Ava Astor or Ava Alice is a great choice.

Ava Jerome

For all of the soap opera fans out there, calling your child Ava Jerome is paying homage to the famous American soap opera General Hospital.If your family is a fan of soaps, or your little Ava is quite the actress, Ava Jerome is a cute celebrity nickname for your daughter.

Ava Ayala

For the comic lovers, Ava Ayala is the White Tiger. This fictional super hero is not only awesome, but she has razor sharp claws. For the little leader or girl who thinks outside of the box, the nickname Ava Ayala is perfect for your little girl.

The Best Nicknames For Ava

Ava is such a beautiful name. There are so many great nicknames that you can have for Ava, many of which are longer than the name itself! We love the name Ava and we hope that this list inspired you to find some great nicknames.