By: Jen Bobby


My baby boy Weston is turning 4 this week?! Already!? I remember thinking I can’t believe he is 4 days old, then 4 months old, now 4 years. I was told that time goes a whole lot quicker when you have children and to hold onto the milestones because the next thing you know they are graduating from high school, leaving the nest to pursue life and possibly marrying someone they love as much as you.



Is this possible? My baby will likely meet someone who they love as much as me and then will leave me? It’s an emotional feeling to know that the little guy I carried and cuddled and fed and potty trained and comforted and bathed and dressed and read to and tucked in at night will not always need me. I now understand why my parents reacted the way they did when I chose to move in with my boyfriend aka my husband now. I now also understand why most woman have more than 1 child and long for a baby in the house at all times.
My son said today, mama I’m going to tuck myself in today because I’m a big boy now and that’s what big boys do. I know that this was something that likely only happened today but it got me thinking about what’s to come for my independent little big boy.


I am so proud of the little man that we are raising. He is a gentle soul that has the kindest heart, he is such a caring big brother and son and he will make a wonderful partner to someone special when he leaves me someday. He will one day possibly carry, cuddle, feed, potty train, comfort, bathe, dress, read to and tuck in his own child. He will turn 40 and I will remember when he was 4 like it was yesterday. He will always be my baby.
Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet boy!