Escargto and the Search for Spring – Spring is in the air and Escargot is on a mission to find it! When his door is blocked with snow, or so he thinks, he decides to go on a quest to find spring. This whimsical French snail begins a journey to find spring, but realizes that spring is right in front of him.

What’s It About

Escargot can’t wait for spring. The beautiful leaves, the flowers blossoming and of course, the warm air. But when Escargot, the loveable french snail opens his front door, he is met with so much snow! Or so he thinks… He then goes on a quest for spring, followed by a beautiful white bunny rabbit. Though Escargot would rather the rabbit leave him tout suite! Our favorite snail learns that friends can come in the most unlikely of places. our debonair French snail will show us the way!

Author Dashka Slater brings on both the humor and elegance of Escargot. We find this beautiful personality in our Escargot series. In Love, Escargot, we see the love Escargot has for meeting new people and in this book, Escargot learns to accept teaching and love from other animals.

Escargot would be pleased to know that Illustrator Sydney Hanson again creates an adorable little snail and a whimsical bunny that your children will love. The details are everything and complement Dashka Slater’s writing perfectly. A great pair for a great series of Escargot books!

Extra Credit

Have your child create an animal to join Escargot on his journey. Will this animal be one that comes out during spring time? How does Escargot interact with your child’s character? Bonus points for your child if they throw in some French sayings.

Escargot and The Search For Spring

Escargot is a wonderful character for your children to get to know! Learn some french sayings, enjoy Escargot work through his feelings and find out where and when spring has sprung. Another great book by Mac Kids.

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