Andrea Hess is a force to be reckoned with. From Mom to entrepreneur, this task was no easy feat. However, Andrea has built her business from the the beginning. Let’s dive into this Mompreneur’s journey, how she overcame challenges and how she is helping Moms with their nursing challenges.

The Why

When Andrea became a parent, it was beautiful and wonderful and challenging! This was a love like no other but the reality is that like any new relationship, it involved work. Loving and caring for a small being was beautiful and overwhelming, it blew her away. Like many new Moms, Andrea dove into parenthood. She got started to learn that many Moms need to re establish and reallocate love and care for herself, her spouse and her growing family.

The Struggle With Feeding

Andrea noticed that many Moms were struggling with breastfeeding. The mess when your child regurgitates back on to your clothes. Mom’s focus on cleaning their babies (of course) but often neglect themselves. Their clothes are permanently stained and unfortunately sometimes have to be disposed of. Andrea knew there had to be something that can help Moms nurse without losing so many garments.

She got to work, researched fabrics, spoke to parents and then realized a solution, she can create a garment that people can wear that will protect their clothes if a baby spits up on them. But parents were clear, they want something that is trendy as well! Something that makes them feel good. Andrea knew all about this. After becoming a new Mom herself, she felt good when she had time to dress up. She wanted to give that gift back to parents. Protecting their clothes and causing less waste, while protecting clothes so parents can continue to focus on taking care of their babies and ensuring that bond!


Why Oceeto

Oceeto is a great brand but why this brand over others? Andrea took care into the work she is doing, especially with her creation the Care’digan. This Care’digan is designed to help the people who help those little hands. While nursing or bottle feeding, your baby may spit up. After helping your baby, you may notice that your clothes, especially your shirt cannot get out those milk stains! The Care’digan steps in to be your helping hand while you are helping those little hands! It has special fibers that absorb the spill. It can be machine washed and the look of one is trendy. this shirt is something you feel good wearing. It is stylish but is durable. It has utility but still makes you feel like a person. It is breathable, feels good, looks good and is so comfortable, your baby will love to snuggle into it.

People choose this brand because it is


This garment is not going anywhere! It can take the stains and spills. However, it is saving your other shirts from becoming waste. That is good on the environment as we know that fashion gets thrown out… a lot. Keeping the world a little more green is always a good thing. Andrea knows that this gifts back to the Earth, leaving it to our children in good shape is important.


The Care’digan is great with children but it also helps parents look good while they are on the go. Whether you are feeding baby or going out for dinner, this shirt is not something you have to change out of if you are out and about. Its trendy design blends in with other fashionable clothes.


When you are taking care of a baby, being comfortable is important to both of you! Your baby wants a soft space to stay comfortable and snuggle and you want something that you can move in with ease. The Care’digan is not itchy or heavy. It is light and so soft. Your child will love to snuggle with you and you will feel comfortable as you move about through out your day.


This garment can be put to task. No delicate washing required. The Care’digan is here to be machine washed. It can take the spills and stains that occur through out your day. Andrea has taken her passion for creation and really asked the community of new parents what their needs are. Finding a solution is a passion for Andrea so it was important that she find a solution to a garment that felt good, looked great but could stand the tough spit ups of a baby. Feel good dressing up or let the Care’digan be “the canvas your little one paints on.” We think Andrea could not have said it better!

Care’digan and Oceeto

Andrea can attest that balancing parenthood and entrepreneurship is no easy task. However, a central theme to her success is passion. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing and who you are helping. That is why the Care’digan and the Oceeto brand will be so successful. Order your Care’digan for yourself, a friend, as a baby shower gift or just because!