For Your Curly Haired Child: Curlee Girlee

Embrace your unique features! What a beautiful message to send to our children. Curlee Girlee is not just an adorable book about creating confidence one GIRL at a time, but it is a movement.

Author Atara Twersky has a mantra, one curl, one girl at a time. Her book, Curlee Girlee is about a little girl of the same name who is mad at her curly whirly hair. Why can’t it grow down her back instead of sideways and curly whirly? Why can’t she just be like every other little girl? With the love and help of her Mother, Curlee Girlee learns that her curly hair is absolutely perfect! The book ends beautifully, but we won’t give it away, it is the perfect ending for a child to realize who they truly are.

Author and attorney Atara Twersky is not only a wonderful writer, but the force behind a curly haired movement! After her beautiful daughter was blessed with a head of curls, Atara wrote this book for her to value her unique beauty. Illustrator Karen Wolcott’s adorable pictures highlight Curlee Girlee’s beautiful curls and perfectly compliments the book.

The Curlee Girlee book will also be distributed in the gift bags at this year’s Grammys!

Atara also hosts a Curlee Girlee of the week, where a child is highlighted for their beautiful curls! She also pairs up with amazing brands and businesses to talk about curly hair and it’s true beauty and how parents and children alike should embrace every curl!

Atara and Curlee Girlee are changing the standards of beauty around the globe. Will you join her and show off your natural hair? Buy Curlee Girlee today!