god an autobiography

Author Jerry L. Martin was an agnostic, his life did not have room for a ‘God’ or any type of ultimate power.  But then, on one occasion, Jerry L. Martin began to pray. He got an surprising answer from the one being he felt did not have room, God; and God had a lot to say.


In God, An Autobiography, our parent readers will find themselves allowed in the deep conversations with God and the author. Jerry finds himself having tough and deep conversations with God that may settle many parent’s ideas of a higher power. We deeply enjoyed the book as it explored the deep philosophical ponderings of man, illustrated through Jerry as he dives into answers from God. We find through out the book that God’s answers are much more than that, but providing a devine reality that we can choose, or not choose to join.

A modern outtake to the question of “who are we” and “what is up there” will open may parent’s eyes to the way they see their relationships with a higher power. At the very least, it will invoke conversation with our peers as we reconstruct our relationship with a higher power.

Jerry is educated, aware and has an understanding of world religions. We believe that people from many faiths or no particular faith will find this book interesting and will bring conversation and debate to this topic, which we think is very healthy.

“That’s right, Your Self is my vicar on Earth.”

God, An Autobiography

In our opinion, this statement stuck with us. We believe parents of all faiths should teach their children that you are a representative of God, an ambassador. What a beautiful tribute to install in our children. Do good, be good on this earth, treat others well. These simplistic yet profound tools are often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of school or evening lessons. Let us reflect.

We believe that a parent’s learning does not end after their formal education. Challenge yourself and en