By: Katherine Adamchick


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GoldieBlox is a toy aimed at engaging young girls in building, designing and engineering. Inventor and CEO Debbie Sterling, a graduate from Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design, came up with the concept, based on the alarming low number of women in engineering.

Take a walk down the girls’ aisle in a toy store and you will get a sense of the void that Debbie wanted to fill. Doll after doll features princesses and fashion-obsessed models. Even Barbie’s career choices mostly involve cute outfits, more than any brain-power.

I know many a mom who is frustrated with the lack of “girl toys” that don’t seem to promote a princess-complex and while we may not be able to convince our daughters that Cinderella isn’t the coolest thing since sliced bread, perhaps we can show them that being a girl doesn’t exclude them from building and creating things.

 Debbie’s idea to “disrupt the pink aisle” included creating the character of Goldie, the girl inventor. Children help Goldie create simple “machines” using moving parts that the children put together. These simple engineering creations coincide with books of stories, told in rhyme. You can also purchase expansion packs and pre-order the sequel GoldieBlox and the Parade Float.

Although geared towards girls ages 4-9, this toy is probably best for ages 4-7, in terms of maintaining interest. However, the activities can be done with your child and older children will enjoy making their own contraptions.

With the Christmas season upon us, perhaps you are looking for a gift for a daughter, niece, grandchild, etc? If so, consider thinking outside the box and let’s work towards encouraging our girls to love building things and solving problems.

Think this is a worthy toy for girls? GoldieBlox is a finalist for an ad spot during the SuperBowl. If they win, they will get a 30 second commercial spot, worth millions, that will air during the SuperBowl. Help them reach more girls (perhaps those that enjoy football) by helping them win the contest: