Many parents are so overwhelmed with their lives of working, raising children and keeping up with life in general, we often make poor food choices. Over the years, those choices add up. Suddenly, we look down and can’t see our feet anymore! We are just another person with a gut.
What we don’t see, however, is the harm this extra weight is doing to our organs and inside of our bodies. The people at Florastor believe that you should have a healthy gut and avoid fad diets or quick fixes. According to Florastor, it is about “healthyful” living and sustainable choices.
Florastor is a probiotic that promotes intestinal health for more then 60 years. This yeast based pill aids in the promotion of the body’s own natural intestinal flora when it is potentially vunerable (from travel, stress, change in diet or negative effects of antibiotics).
Here are the facts:

-It isn’t compromised when using antibiotics; (Yogurt and bacteria-based pills are often compromised.)

-It doesn’t require refrigeration like yogurt and many bacteria-based probiotics, as it contains 250 mg of Saccharomyces boulardii lyo, found naturally on the skin of lychees and mangosteens (tropical fruits).
-No refrigeration makes it popular choice with travellers, as you can imagine.
When we tried Florastor, we felt that we had more energy after a few weeks of using it. It’s hard to remember when it was like surviving each day without the amount of energy we have today! Now we have begun a change to increase our “healthyful” life and Florastor gave us that boost we needed! Once you have that extra energy, you have time to make supper instead of ordering out, you choose more healthy choices like taking a walk over watching television and you’re able to chase those kids around! It begins a long chain of a more active, healthy lifestyle! It is also available for your kids as well so you can promote a healthy gut and a healthy lifestyle with them also! Buy Florastor and check out their great products to suit your new, healthy life-style!