I have my 2014 clubmom card and now my life has gotten a lot easier! How is that possible for a mother who takes care of her children works and has so much running around to do? My clubmom card does so much to help with everything that I need and love!  From groceries to maternity clothes, this little card gives me discounts at over 200 businesses both online and across Canada and they’re adding new businesses everyday!

Mommies and partners Tal and Stephanie thought of everything when they created this card. They have vendors for

-Activities, B-Days and Camps

-Health Services

-Furniture and Gear for Babies and Children



-Family Outings and Entertainment

-Personalized Items and Gifts

-Professional Services

-Clothing and Accessories

-Prenatal and Postnatal products and services

-Home Decor and Furniture

-Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Other Treats

-Bakeries, Groceries and Food Services

This card is only $30! You can buy it at clubmom.ca

The clubmom card can be bought as a gift for a friend or for yourself!

What we loved best about our clubmom card is that the vendors are both big ( Second Cups across the GTA) and small! You not only get discounts at some of your favourite places but you also explore some great smaller shops both in the city and online!

Visit clubmom today to get your card, enter contests, see their up and coming events and read their blog today!