We were given a Gunapod from Gunamuna and we are so impressed we have to share with you!


The Gunapod is a perfect wearable blanket sleep sack that has a 4 Way Wonderzip. This means that their are many ways for your baby to enjoy the Gunapod.

From keeping your child nice and warm on those long winter nights to an easy midnight diaper change, Gunapod can help you along the way!

When babies leave their warm blankets for a cold but necessary diaper change, they can awake from their slumber and become fussy. No more sleepy baby! However, with the Gunapod, you can unzip the bottom to access the diaper and keep the top still zipped up, keeping baby nice and cozy during that necessary diaper change. No more hesitations or worry when changing a babies diaper during or before a nap time!


As parents ourselves, we knew wearable blankets needed to be better. Way better. They want our children to have an uninterrupted sleep! So while inventing the WONDERZiP® 4-way all around zipper to make life easier, they also created the most comfortable wearable blanket ever with the most generous fit. And super-plush fabrics for the most amazing comfort. Your baby will enjoy a superior + safer sleep experience. They guarantee it.


We were spoiled with our favorite of the Gunapods, the Gunapod Premium Luxury Bamboo Duvet! Our babies sleep sack does not get any better than this! This luxury duvet gives your baby the ultimate sleep experience. Made with super soft silky bamboo viscose it gives your child that extra warmth. To the touch, it feels like a down comforter, without that heavy feeling for your baby! Gunapod spared no expensive of including all of Gunapods exclusive features (think that lifesaver Wonderzip four way all around zipper). This will be your babies and your number one choice for blankets. The designs also have gender neutral options.

Stop using blankets that just do not do the trick at keeping your baby comfortable and choose Gunapods as your number one source for keeping your baby comfortable!