We at Momma Braga are always looking to introduce our amazing readers to companies that offer great services, especially to families.

We were recently introduced to The Afterschool Club in Toronto, Ontario. We had a chance to connect with owner, Michael Willis, to learn more about them.

1. What does your company do?

“For the last five years, we have run multiple after school programs and birthday parties in Toronto. Examples of the programs we ran include Karate, Kung Fu, Zumba, Music and Magic. After setting up my second business, The Afterschool Club had to take a back seat. We are now planning on re-launching and will start by just running Lego Birthday Parties and Afterschool Programs in Toronto; but we plan to increase our portfolio throughout 2017.”


2. When did you start your business?

“We started our company five years ago!”

3. How did you come up with the idea?

“I worked in the Lego room at Crestwood Valley Day Camp and realized there was a huge market for school programs; so I decided to set up my own company and see what happens!”

4. What do you hope your business accomplishes?

“Our plan is to become the largest after school program provider in Toronto! Give us time; we’ll get there!

5. If someone is interested in booking a party with you, what do they need to do?

“They can send us an email at info@theafterschoolclub.ca with location, how many kids you’re expecting at the party and your phone number – we’ll take it from there.”

6. How is your company unique?

“We run our Lego parties very different to other providers. Lots of games, sweets and depending on which package you take…the birthday child even gets a gift!

Our Lego programs are unique because we have actually created a Lego Curriculum!”


The Afterschool Club sounds like a unique party idea! Love how they have a Lego Curriculum, now that is awesome!

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as I have a feeling we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about The Afterschool Club.

Special thank you to Michael for taking the time to introduce us to his company!

Delighted to announce that Momma Braga has been a guest writer for them so make sure to check out the articles on their Twitter feed.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

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