We have to begin by saying we could not put this book down. This young adult novel was so compelling from start to finish, we had to see it through.

Heidi Foster was Mae Mc Bride’s best friend… until Mae’s father died trying to save Heidi’s life in a house fire. Sadly, Mae blames Heidi for the passing of her father. This book deals with grown up issues such as loss and death. Sometimes, grown up issues hit young girls. The emotion of every character in this book is riveting. As the story progresses, we go through the mourning of each character, as it highlights each stage of grief.


What we loved best was the messages within the story. Modelling after his daughter and her best friend, Jeffery Blount highlights the love, bond and sisterhood between girl friends. he ensures that each character’s raw emotions are addressed. Everyone in his story has depth and mourns Mae’s father. He teaches us about community, proper mourning and grief and how to rise from it. We may not get over losing a loved one but we definitely get through it!  Everyone mourns differently and takes a different path, its about respecting each other go through their own process. Even though this story has a sad topic, it also highlights a beautiful ending that families everywhere can love and appreciate. For a book that is just shy of 110 pages, it really packs a punch. This is an excellent Christmas idea for your tween or for anyone who has lost a loved one. Hating Heidi Foster is raw, emotional, inspirational and respectful.  Pick it up at Amazon today!