Healthy Helps: What New Mothers Should Know Before Breastfeeding


By: Brooke Chaplan



Many pregnant women plan on nursing their infants for as long as possible. They understand that breastfeeding offers them and their babies a host of health benefits and when you want to reap these benefits, but need a boost of confidence, you can commit yourself to doing what is best for you and your baby by learning about these breastfeeding advantages.

Breastfeeding Helps You Lose Weight

It has long been known that breastfeeding moms burn through extra calories each day. In fact, their bodies require between 400 and 500 extra calories per day to maintain their supply of milk. Many nursing mothers note that they are able to lose the baby weight faster and bounce back to their pre-pregnancy sizes within months of giving birth. Breastfeeding helps new mothers maintain healthy weights without rigorous exercising or dieting which can be a lot healthier for you in the long run.

Breastfeeding Can Relieve Postpartum Depression Symptoms

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that between 11 to 20 percent of all new mothers develop postpartum depression. When you breastfeed, however, your body produces a hormone called oxytocin, which helps stabilize your moods. While you may still experience symptoms of postpartum depression, they may not be as crippling than if you were not breastfeeding at all.

Breastfeeding Encourages Bonding

After going through rigorous labor, some mothers have a difficult time feeling bonded with their infants. They may be exhausted or even frustrated about the pain they endured during labor. When you nurse your infant, however, your brain produces hormones that allow you to feel closer to your baby. This bonding helps you take care of your baby, and be more in tune with his or her needs once you go home from the hospital.

You should be aware of any medications you may be taking. Some can be passed on through your milk and your baby. Talk to your doctor about what is safe to take while breastfeeding or legal experts like The Johnston Law Firm, LLC about cases they have seen.

Breastfeeding is Becoming More Socially Acceptable

Until very recently, breastfeeding was seen as something that mothers should do in the privacy of their own homes and avoid doing out in public. However, society today is becoming more accepting of this practice. More businesses are welcoming new mothers by providing lounge areas where they can nurse their infants in comfort and mothers no longer have to hide in the ladies’ room when babies are hungry. Nursing mothers can also benefit by feeling more confident about their infant feeding choice.

Breastfeeding provides numerous perks to you and your baby. These tips and more information can help show if nursing is the right choice for you.