luv chicken 3

In 2012, Seattle graphic designer and Mother Ann Hurley came up with her wonderful business, Luv Chicken, which has fabulous booster seats for children aged 2-7 years old. After finding out that her two year old would not sit on a plastic booster, Ann created these stylish and helpful cushions!

luv chicken 2

Created to be kid safe, this phthalate-free coated cotton is easy to wipe clean after a meal. Your child won’t slip and slide around with Luv Chicken’s grippy non-slip bottom. Don’t worry about those problematic buckles and ties!

luv chicken 1

Bring Luv Chicken with you for stays at friends or family, to the restaurant and even to the movie theater! You can also use Luv Chicken as a floor cushion for those fun movie nights in or doing a fun project on the floor.

Luv Chicken is a perfect, portable seat for your child to stay safe during meal time while sitting on a beautiful printed cushion. Keep your child seated in style with Luv Chicken!