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We wanted information about Nannies. What questions do you ask a potential nanny? Do you go through an agency? How do agencies screen for potential nannies? We decided to ask the best. So we went to Bella Bambino, the nation’s number one agency for nannies and domestics. They were more than happy to help and they gave us the inside scoop on everything nannies!

Five questions parents should be asking when looking for a nanny agency

1. How long have you been placing nannies with families?
2. What is your replacement guarantee? What percentage of families come back to you for replacement within that timeframe? (A good agency will have at least a 95% success rate, if families are coming back for replacements often, they are not doing a great job of personally matching candidates with the families.)
3. Do you meet each nanny candidate in person? What questions do you ask the candidates? How do you background check them?
4. Can I have a list of your five most recent clients? May I contact them directly for a reference?
5. How Would you present my particular job to your candidates? How will you find the perfect candidate for me based on my job description?

How did Bella Bambino Nannies begin:

I started the company in 2002 while I was working a corporate job. At the time I was undergoing in vitro fertilization and wound up becoming pregnant with twins. I had a few complications around five months of pregnancy and was put on bed rest. At that time I decided to start my own business. I had been a nanny during my college years and was always unimpressed at the lack of screening with the agencies I worked with. I had always thought that I could do a much better job. Bella Bambino nannies was born during this time of bed rest while I was simultaneously holding down my corporate job working from home. After my first successful placements families began to refer me to all of their friends and I became so busy that I decided to quit my corporate job and focus only on my company. At the time I was working from home out of my spare bedroom and within two years I had my own full-time nanny, a staff of five and an office away from my home!

How do you screen potential nannies:

When a nanny applies with us, we have her provide her resume, references, and a complete application prior to meeting her. We then meet the nanny in person for 1 to 2 hours for a face-to-face screening with myself and my assistant.
As a mother of four, I am extremely stringent with my interview process. I never choose to represent a nanny who I would not bring into my own home. We ask a lot of questions about the nanny’s history and previous work experiences. My assistant Amy has a 15-month-old daughter who often comes to the office. We think she is the perfect nanny gauge! If she is in the office with us and the nanny pays her no attention during the interview process we don’t move forward. We look for nannies who genuinely love children and have a passion for their chosen career.

How do you find the perfect nanny for a family?

Having been in this industry for so many years, I have a strong intuition and natural ability to match the right nanny with the right family. I get to know my clients very well asking them a lot of questions about what is important to them. Often times I will meet my clients in person to get an even deeper understanding of what they need. I have so much sympathy for my clients because I have four children of my own and have had to rely on nannies for many years. I am so passionate about this work and doing it with excellence that I make sure to get to know my clients very well so that we do not waste their time with candidates who are not a good match.

What does a nanny do day to day for a family?

A nanny’s first and foremost responsibility is the well-being of your children. The nanny should understand ages and stages and be able to create age-appropriate activities and learning experience for your child. Nannies will also perform child related household duties such as organizing your children’s rooms and clothing, doing your children’s laundry, making healthy meals for your children, and keeping your home tidy.

How do you maintain being the nation’s number one source for nannies and domestics?

Our reputation comes from years of excellent customer service. We believe so strongly in our method that we offer the longest replacement guarantee of any nanny agency nationwide. Families are often so pleased with our service that they refer everyone they know to us. This is how we have maintained our excellent reputation for so many years.

Answers courtesy of Rebecca Barlow, Founder of Bella Bambino Nannies.bella bamino