It’s the Final Countdownnnn

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By: Colleen Parise

31 days of  injections, 8 days of IVF medications, 7 consecutive days of blood work and ultrasounds. and today the final countdown clock begins!


Colleen Parise Catherine King Photography

This week has been rough.   But no pain, no gain, right?  A few more days until this step is complete. Hard to believe it’s almost done. Here is a few quick things this week I have come to “expect” when NOT expecting…
1. Expect to cry, a lot. Sometimes for no reason at all. Sometimes because you are physically and mentally drained, or sometimes because you are driving in the car alone and that Ed Sheeran song just moves you to tears and you find yourself singing along with tears streaming down your face until you realize the person next to you is looking at you as though you have escaped from a mental institute. Sorry fellow passengers that ginger’s lyrics are just THAT emotionally moving.
2. Expect to become best friends with the staff at your doctor’s office. You will spend a lot of time here and with these people. And have a great deal of appointments early in the morning. It is vital that you have not only a great doctor, but staff who are helpful, kind, and easy to talk to. Every person at my doctor’s office is amazing and I am grateful for this. They have made this part of my journey much easier and more bearable and I can not speak highly enough of them.
3. Expect to be a frequent flyer at Starbucks. I have never been so tired in my life, going to bed each night at 8 or 9 p.m. and still awaking feeling as though I have not slept at all. The walking dead zombies have nothing on me this week, as I look as though I have crawled out from under a rock. I might as well throw on a red leather jacket and waddle to the sounds of “Thriller” with an IV of coffee hanging from my arm.