How A Private Investigator Can Help Your Family




Private Investigators can help your family stay safe! From child predators to incidences where the law cannot protect you, a Private Investigator can get you the information you need to stay safe. Private Investigator and star of Missing In Alaska, Jax Menez Atwell has the scoop on how to keep your family safe with the help of a Private Investigator.


Jax, can you remind our audience about your PI Firm?

Atwell Investigations is my company that is built on my name and as many of your readers can attest that your name becomes your brand in life, especially in business.  I take great pride in what we do and the abilities we have to help people in distraught situations.


What areas around the world do you service?

As a private investigator you can go anywhere the need should arise.  We are licensed in the US in the states of Arizona and Montana (United States) but we travel all over for whatever a case may entail. We’ve worked cases as far away as Jamaica and also right in your backyard in Canada.  We just completed a case a few months ago in Alberta for example.


What are some typical scenarios that families would require a Private Investigator?

With investigations nothing is ever “typical” in reality.  The social stigma of what investigators do is far from what the reality is. The best way to describe when and why you need an investigator is purely to help you when there is nowhere else to turn.  Those situations when the police cannot help, when skills are needed that you don’t have or when everyone else has given up on you. Nobody is going to fight for you in this world so it is important to align yourself with a good investigator to get what you need for your case.


In divorce, how would a PI help a spouse?

The best advice to give anyone going through a divorce is: “protect yourself”.  No matter how great and smooth the process seems to be going it is very important to act immediately and start building your plan B and C.  These are all very volatile situations that can turn on you very quickly. Access to evidence you might have had at one point can quickly not be obtainable.  So always go back to the “protect yourself” mode.  If you keep that in the back of your mind and always have a backup plan in case the tables are turned on you then you will be so much farther along in the game.


In the event of a child predator living close to a family home or dwelling, how can a PI help keep a family protected?

This is very important.  You must realize there is a balance to “people make mistakes and they paid their debt to society” and the need to protect your family.  Too often in our modern world we are almost lulled to inaction because information is so easily accessed.  The most important thing to do here is arm your mind.  Know as much as you can about the person in question and always be vigilant by keeping a third eye on your surroundings.  You don’t have to treat the person like a leper also, you can glean a lot off a situation by being friendly yet mentally taking notes if your paths cross with the person.  In the event that your gut says something is going on do not be afraid to contact the authorities.  It is very important to go with your gut on this type of situation because it is normally right.  So where you need an investigator in this situation is initially to help you gather knowledge on the subject and possibly if you have suspicions but the authorities can’t or won’t help then an investigator can step in and pick up the pieces.


So many children and teens are online, sharing personal information. Many times, strangers approach them online and take that information. Can families hire a PI to catch the predator?

The easy answer is yes an investigator is the person you should go to catch a predator.  The unique thing about a private investigator is the ability to work in the gray area in between what government has to work with, which is the law.

The most important advice is for people to get involved and have working knowledge of their children’s actions.  I believe too often the modern parent wants to be friends with their child when that is not the task in this stage of their life.  The job is raise, teach, protect, and nurture.


What is some key advice you can share with our readers when looking for a Private Investigator?

The most important thing to do is make sure your investigator is licensed and bonded and/or insured.  They don’t necessarily have to be licensed in your area but make sure they are licensed in some area that has minimum requirements.

The second most important thing is to ask questions.  The worst question is the one that is never asked.  It is important to know who your hiring because they are an extension of you as they conduct the investigation.  They need to have your best interests at heart.


Where can families find a reputable Private Investigator?

In today’s day in age It is really simple to do a local search to find an investigator but be wary of those who have paid to keep their links or ads at the top of the search engine.  My best advice is to ask friends, ask an attorney, and even if you find an investigator that doesn’t work in what you need done ask them for a referral.