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Parents post pictures of their children all over social media to share with their family, friends and followers, but how can they practice safe social media practices while still sharing with those who matter? We asked Social Media Expert Brandon Krieger, CEO from KNSS Consulting to give us the scoop on social media.


1) Brandon, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for individuals and companies…

My name is Brandon Krieger, I’ve been in marketing for over 10+ years now. I have transitions through different careers which brought me to encompassing them all into what I do today. I consult businesses, teach and help implement business and marketing strategies for companies all around the world. My main demographic is the general Toronto, Canada area.

2) What are the biggest mistakes parents are making when sharing their family information on social media?

I wouldn’t say it is a mistake versus just not being aware of what can happen and what is happening online with family photos. When you are a business or an iconic person, you want to develop mass exposure for you as the owner and your band. Providing great value, personal insight and try to build an emotional connection to your community is integral to your success .

When it comes to parents I find they don’t take into consideration the exposure it can bring to their family, children and how fast their information/images can be shared. For example, let’s say we have two parents: John and Jane. They have a little girl named Lisa who just had her first dance recital. They took lots of pictures, a video and decided to share it on Facebook. John and Jane both have their privacy settings to make sure only friends can see their photos. What they don’t realize is that Grandmother Betty is just learning how to use Facebook and she sees the photos. She likes and shared them on her time line. Grandmother Betty doesn’t have her privacy settings on and she thinks it’s nice to accept every friend request because they are just being nice. Now Lisa’s images are being viewed and maybe shared with people John and Jane don’t even know.

Parents really have to think about the cause and effect of them posting family information, images and video.


3) How can parents share information and pictures with their family and friends on social media safely?
First, parents need to ask if this photo, content, video, was to go viral would it effect my family or friends negatively?”
For example, if someone from my family posted an image of me holding a baby feeding them. That wouldn’t affect me in a negative way.
Now say a family friend took a picture of me that I was holding an empty beer bottle to the same baby like I was letting them drink from the bottle.
That image could potentially create negative feedback that I would feel bad about.

The solution to this is …
1) Decide what you are going to use your social sites for. Is it for business or is it personal?
2) Make sure all your privacy settings are configured on your social site
3) Review the content you are going to post out and ask yourself that question above
“If this photo, content, video, was to go viral would it effect my family or friends negatively?”
4) Only have friends on your social sites that you trust and that will not share you content/images publically

If it’s for business then only put family content that would relate to your business relationships for example:
Business party co-workers images that show positive engagement. Not images of co-workers doing something they shouldn’t

4) How can parent bloggers, who share their life publically, share their family while still keeping the privacy of their children?

When parent bloggers blog I recommend they keep their experiences and of what is happening in their lives. If they are thinking of mentioning a family member, first get permissions to publish the article from the person(s) you are talking about. I have seen cases where family members got upset about what was said and it became a legal battle.
When it comes to children, it all depends on your goal and how comfortable the parent feels putting their child out to the public. I don’t want to sound alarmist but we all know there are pedophiles searching online for content, images…etc. That is why I ask parents to really educate themselves and if they don’t know then protect their children by keep the content about their child vague, don’t use; their name(s), sex of your child, schools name, play schools name, day care…etc in your articles. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I would rather you get mad at me for being over protective versus you coming back and having a terrible story of something that happened to your little one. I have a little one and I would protect them as much as I can.


5) What are some of your favorite social media outlets for families?


I think one social media outlets I have use and recommend for families is YouTube. Youtube has some great kids video’s, educational videos of all kinds and can help open up the possibilities for kids to learn. Of course under parent supervision while they are surfing online.