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This month’s “Mom of the Month” is a humble, kind and a happily married woman to her husband Brian, for eight years and has two amazing kids – daughter Alexis who is 5 years old and son Ryder who is 1.5 years old. She is a registered massage therapist for over six years and also has been teaching at The Institute of Complementary and Alternative Therapies. There she teaches physiology, pharmacology, hydrotherapy, assessment and treatment, massage therapy, practice management, professional development and pathology. She spends her spare time with her family and friends, cross training, running, walking, cycling, water sports, and playing baseball.

So who is this great person?! Her name is Heather of Heather Seamone Registered Massage Therapy.


I had the opportunity to connect with Heather to get to know more about this great mom and what she does.

  1. What does your company do?

“I provide massage therapy to people who need to rehabilitate their injuries, often in conjunction with other therapies like chiropractic, osteopathy, and physio therapy. I focus on the client’s goals and use the most effective techniques to achieve their goals. Since stress is a chronic problem with the majority of clients that I see, I focus on providing a slow, rhythmic, relaxing massage, while addressing all their issues and problem areas.

I also practice general Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, and also have some experience with acupressure and ultrasound. It is important the client continues with the appropriate self-care that is going to help them achieve the results they want. So I always recommend some hydrotherapy (hot/cold therapy), deep breathing, or strengthening and/or stretching exercises they can carry out on their own in between sessions so they see maximal improvement.

I am always on a continuing path of education to enhance my skill set and offer new therapies to clients that fit in well with my practice goals.”


  1. When did you start your business?

“Four years ago I started my own business, working out of the basement of my house when I realized its practicality and flexibility with a young and busy family.”

  1. What motivated you to get into this line of business?

“I spent six years working at various corporations in administrative, sales, and marketing roles. I had a hard time sitting all day, as it didn’t seem to jive with my physical constitution, and I was chronically stressed out. Plus, I was unhappy, always looking for different jobs thinking I would eventually find and settle on something that I love. When I realized that wasn’t likely to happen, with the support of my husband, I went back to school to become a registered massage therapist.”

  1. I see that you offer Pregnancy Massage, what are the benefits of it?

“Pregnancy massage is wonderful for expecting mothers. It helps to increase lymphatic flow to decrease swelling that is so common in the legs, ankles, feet and hands. It releases tension in muscles that become overstretched and weak, and those that become short and tight as a result of physical changes to the body that happen as the baby grows. It also addresses compensatory changes that occur as a result of postural changes. And I find so many mothers are stressed out as a direct result of the pregnancy, either because they are concerned about the viability of the pregnancy, or because of the anxiety-impending-demands life with a new child can place on the mother.”

“Difficulty conceiving is also a major issue for many couples. Incorporating massage therapy as a regular part of a stress reduction program can be hugely beneficial when they are trying to conceive.”

  1. I also see that you offer Baby Massage, how does this work? Benefits?

“Massaging babies is so magical. It is incredibly rewarding because there is just something miraculous about babies and often respond well to treatment. Babies can benefit from massage touch very early on and depending on the temperament of the baby, can be practiced on them into their childhood. I focus on listening to the concerns of the parents about their babies, and then focus on teaching the techniques to the parents so that they can feel confident in treating their babies on their own. So depending on the issue, I may see a baby only once or just enough so that the parents can affectively treat their own baby. And then there are babies that I see on a more regular basis to help with possible muscular imbalances, constipation, lung congestion, and postural issues.”

  1. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

“I would like to continue to grow my business in terms of obtaining and retaining more clients. I am also in the midst of taking some more courses between now and the spring, so I will have another exciting service to offer in the coming future. I love learning about new and old techniques and modalities, especially ones that fit well with me and my practice. I will continue to seek these out and offer them if they fit well with my goals. I would also like to have a more interactive website with some self-care videos or tips on my site.”

  1. As a busy working mom, how do you find the time to balance it all?

“It can be tricky! I have the advantage of having some control over my schedule and the hours I work. I am able to block off time in my schedule to pick the kids up from school and daycare. And I can block an hour off here and there to exercise. When I first started my business, I was working a lot of crazy hours to build it up. I was takings at 10pm, 7am or whatever time suited the client’s schedule. It was also not uncommon for me to work 4 or 5 evenings every week. Since then, I have had to make some rules for myself that I just can’t break unless it is for an extreme client emergency. Now I designate 2 evenings a week, and only work Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as my usually 9am – 5pm hours for clients, otherwise I would have no sanity!”


  1. Lastly, if someone is interested in booking a session with you, how can they get started?

“I have an online booking option on my website which is www.heatherseamone.ca that works really well. I also respond to all email inquiries and can be reached at rmt@heatherseamone.ca.”

When I asked Heather what else she would like our readers to know, she stated, “It has been an honor to be nominated and selected as Mom of the Month. Special thank you to Karen Braga for nominating me!”

Momma Braga is extremely proud to feature Heather of Heather Seamone Registered Massage Therapy as this month’s “Mom of the Month” as she is great at what she does and that is why she has been nominated by Karen Braga and selected by Momma Braga. Heather is a hardworking and dedicated professional who truly helps her clients with pain that they are feeling through her massage therapy. Heather also helps pregnant women and babies which is our absolute favorite! Not only does she help them, she also teaches parents how to help their babies through massage techniques. And even though her schedule can be a little hectic, it doesn’t stop Heather from making her loving family as her first priority. She ensures that family time always comes first which is very touching! We at Momma Braga love that!

Thank you Heather for your time and wishing you many years of success!

Until next time……Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga

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