How Pets Train Families

By: Emma Lawson

Hours of pleading, bargaining and compromise are a prelude of almost every animal adoption. Getting a pet is a great responsibility, so parents usually hesitate to do so in fear that children are not grown up or responsible enough to take care and train their pets properly. However, even though humans spend many hours trying to train their pets, pets train them in return without even trying. Pets can change your life and teach you many things.

You become healthier

People who have pets are generally healthier, and it’s not just the people who walk their dogs every day; petting a cat reduces stress levels and helps you relax. But, physical health is not the only benefit of having a pet: you become calmer, gentler and kinder. Pets show kindness and affection many people need in life, and you are a great part of their world. What is more, you don’t feel lonely because you share your space and time with another being. This is helpful for grownups as well as children.

They make you more social

It doesn’t matter if you have a guinea pig, a hamster, or a dog, you will inevitably socialize more. You will be buying pet food, treats, and toys, and you will be taking them to the vet. It is likely that you will have to look up some information online or that you’ll have to ask someone for an advice (or give advice to someone). All this means that you will meet new people and you will always have something interesting to talk about. This is particularly important to children who can be shy and reluctant to make new friends. By starting a conversation with strangers about pets both children and grownups learn to socialize and become more relaxed.

Your children learn to be responsible

Pets need a lot of attention, and sometimes it’s good to have every family member taking care of them, but this will be the first time that your children are responsible for another being. Depending on how old they are, they can be in charge of feeding the pet, walking them, taking them to the vet, or keeping various pet supplies clean and in order. Slowly, your children will learn to recognize the needs of others: when to take the dog out for a walk, how important it is to be gentle, how nice it is to have somebody love you and always be there for you. Even grownups are often surprised with the intensity of pet’s love and devotion.

Cleanliness is precious

Regardless of the kind of pet you have: cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, bird, or a goldfish – all of them make some sort of mess. Animal hair, feathers, poop everywhere, and bits of their food can really make a mess. You slowly learn to appreciate the clean, hair-free carpets, and daydream about not having to wash your dog’s fur after every walk in the rain. However, the hairy mess your home has turned into can also teach you something: it doesn’t matter if you have pet hair all over the couch as long as they are healthy and safe. Besides, you become pretty innovative when it comes to removing hair from different surfaces.

If your children or your partner want a pet, don’t say no straightaway. Make a deal, agree that you will all help take care of them, and that they will become everyone’s responsibility. Also, consider adopting a cat, dog, or a ferret from a shelter instead of buying one. Abandoned pets need love too and they are usually incredibly grateful.

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson