In today’s technology-driven society it’s nice to unplug and enjoy time together as a family. This is something that is important to me as a mom, and while I must admit that we don’t unplug as much as I would like us to, it is definitely a work in progress.

One activity we have gotten more into as a family in the past few months (especially my five-year-old son) is playing board and card games! Introducing this fun activity to my kids has brought back many wonderful memories from my childhood.

Growing up there were many times you could find my family gathered for a round of Monopoly, a match of Uno or a mean game of canasta! Let me tell you, my late grandmother loved her canasta and was an awesome player! Beating her at the game was a challenge, but we had a blast nonetheless!

Does your family enjoy playing board and card games? If not, let me tell you my top reasons why I think you should!

First of all, it is a great family bonding experience! Our lives can be so fast-paced sometimes, so what better way to take a break from hectic day-to-day schedules than to sit back and play a game as a family? It will be a nice change from routine and a great opportunity to have fun together!

Secondly, playing games with your kids is a good way to teach them about winning graciously and not being a sore loser. It can help show kids that you don’t always have to win to have fun!

Finally, there are many games that can be used as good learning tools for your toddlers and kids. These games can help with learning numbers, the alphabet, patterns, sorting, sight words, spelling and strategy. Using games for teaching purposes helps make learning fun!

For me, the main reason why I love having family game time is because of the memories we’re making and the quality time we’re spending together. I am a firm believer that the best memories are born from simple moments. And I hope one day years from now my kids will think back fondly on their childhood and remember playing games together just like their mom does now.