“I am afraid to go to sleep! There is a monster in my room!!” Sometimes, children are legitimately scared of monsters and parents get creative on how to solve the  “monster problem” to help their child go back to sleep. How To Dress A Monster is a great book that parents can read with their children so that they are not so scared of monsters.

Charmen Mc Daniel explores the monster by getting the child in the book to describe his scary monster. Mom has a delightful way into transitioning a scary monster into something that is not so scary.


Parents can use this tactic to help their child lose their fear over the ‘monster’ in the bedroom and other fears. Illustrator Pamela McKee transitions the scary monster into something not so scary after all! Mc Daniel’s writing is not only a great story, but hidden easy to read tips for parents to use to teach their child that the things that scare us may not be so scary after all.


This is an excellent book for a child who is struggling with fears and going to sleep. Sleep is so important to children (and parents too!) to function in school and How To Dress A Monster can relieve these fears and give child and parents a stressless sleep.