Bino and Fino are two adorable little children who are here to educate your children about African culture.  Join these two children as they have fun and teach about African history, culture and languages. Created in Nigeria, this show is mainly designed for ages three to six. Children from across the globe can laugh, love and learn with Bino and Fino!

Bino and Fino are a brother and sister that live in sub Saharan Africa. Their friend Zeena is a magic butterfly who helps them and their family learn things about the world. Creator Adamu Waziri saw a need for these programs and felt that parents deserved a show full of insight and innovation for their children. Bino and Fino were soon born!


Children across the globe can learn with their delightful friends, Bino and Fino! They can also dive into African Culture and educate themselves. Check out Bino and Fino today and visit them on their website