How You Can Help Your Children Overcome Minor Aches and Pains

By: Anita Ginsburg


Minor aches and pains in children can occur for different reasons. Growing pains, over exerting themselves from participating in sports and minor accidents can cause pain and discomfort. Even if it isn’t an emergency, any type of pain needs to be addressed and remedied so your child can get back to enjoying their life pain-free.


Willow Bark

You may have heard of willow bark. It is the main ingredient in aspirin and it just happens to be an herb. Taking a small amount of powdered willow bark orally can help eliminate aches and pains. It is the natural equivalent and main ingredient of aspirin without the additions of the chemicals and fillers.

Herbal Salves

Herbal infused salves are another natural way to eliminate pain. The application is part of the relief because it massages the sore muscles. Choosing a salve made with natural oils and beeswax can not only be beneficial to relieving soreness, but it can also be beneficial to the skin. Some of the pain relieving herbal salves to look for are comfrey, eucalyptus and rosemary.


Herbal Teas

Sipping a cup of warm herbal tea may help relieve minor aches and pains in children. Valerian root tea is a natural pain reliever in addition to being a sedative that will help with rest and sleep, two things that are also important for recovery. Turmeric tea can help relieve inflammation and can be beneficial for growing pains while peppermint tea will taste better and will also help eliminate the pain.

Heat and Cold

Hot and cold compresses can be beneficial to relieving discomfort and pain. Knowing when to use which one is important. Used at the wrong time, hot or cold can be ineffective. A cold compress or ice pack can be used when the pain is a new injury or a new pain has appeared. Cold can also be used when the pain is intense and swelling is present. A hot compress or heating pad can be used to help eliminate chronic, consistent pain. A few minutes with the treatment on the pain site and a few minutes off will help do away with some of the discomforts.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are beneficial in helping to relieve pain. D Gary Young knows the power of essential oils, and he established a company that sells high quality oils. The ways that the oils are utilized include adding them to a warm bath, diffusing, in a hot or cold compress and adding the oils to a massage oil. Some of the herbs used in essential oils that are beneficial for pain relief include thyme and lavender. They contain amazing healing properties for relieving aches and pains.


Acupuncture is another natural option for pain relief. If the energy that flows through the body is disrupted by inflammation, acupuncture can help restore that energy flow. It is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that is still in use today and can be used to naturally relieve pain in children. Needles are inserted into the skin to help redirect the energy to the proper balance.

Children are going to occasionally have an ache or pain that is going to require some sort of treatment to retain their quality of life. Natural treatments are a good first alternative to medical intervention for nonemergency situations that don’t require immediate medical care. Raising a healthy child always includes raising a child that is as pain-free as possible so they can enjoy their childhood activities and continue to thrive long into adulthood.