When you are a new parent, it can be difficult to get out and be yourself again. From shopping to going out for walks, sometimes you have a baby who prefers the close contact of a parent than being in a stroller. We had heard that the Abiie Huggs Contour Baby Carrier was best for newborns. For my baby was young but she wanted to see the world and do that being held or in an upright position. Sitting in a stroller offered little stimulation and she was looking to be a part of whatever adventure my partner and I were on.

When I was introduced to the Abiie Huggs Contour Baby Carrier, I could already think of all of the possibilities that my baby and I can do and how our life will change. No more bulky stroller when we go shopping and my baby will feel like she is a part of what we are doing. She may be young, but she loves to be included.

This innovative baby carrier is built for versatility. It not only provides all day comfort but the ergonomic design ensures a healthy sitting position for a growing baby. Our baby wants to be close to us when we are either in the house cleaning, or out walking and we enjoy the comfort of having them close as well, anytime, anywhere.

I Got The Abiie Huggs Contour Baby Carrier and THIS Happened


The adjustable neck support for baby- It just takes comfort to a whole new level for our little one that she does not feel constricted. This means a lot less crying and a lot more enjoying whatever task we are doing.

Side Pocket- It’s perfect for little things for the baby like small toys, but also a great place for us to store our keys or our phone!

Padded Waist Strap- We love this one! This keeps us comfortable when carrying the extra weight of a baby and helps distribute the weight accordingly.

Teething Pad- Does your baby have little teeth on the way? The teething pad keeps them entertained and at ease as they go through this uncomfortable transition of getting a mouth full of pearly whites.

Air Flow- There is this breathable air mesh so our baby has fresh air coming in while they enjoy whatever task we are up to! It makes us feel comfortable that the baby is comfortable at all times, in all positions.

I Got The Abiie Huggs Contour Baby Carrier and THIS Happened


We love the hip seat technology. Our little one is ergonomically seated in a healthy hip position. Either in an M Position or a frog-leg position. Healthy hips for baby means a healthy life for our child!

There are many carrying positions, front inward, front outward, back carry and hip carry. With a baby like ours, she wants to experience them all!

We were worried about comfort and our baby sweating on those hot days when we are outside. But the dual layer center panel will keep our baby comfortable for those hot summer days .  There is also a sleeping hood to protect your baby and let them nap. The hands in connection allows us an easy way to access our newborn.

Confession! I have had a bad back for years. I had a terrible fall when I was a child and I was passenger in a terrible car accident. My back is a concern, as it is with many people I have found out. Carrying the weight of a baby for hours on my front has always been a bit of a fear. But my love of my baby being close has surpassed my fear. Thankfully, Huggs’ weight distribution has my comfort in mind. It alleviates the pressure on the wearers back and shoulders which helps with my back pain. I have not had any discomfort! For added comfort, I found the crisscross strap was a great way to hold my baby for a longer duration.

I Got The Abiie Huggs Contour Baby Carrier and THIS Happened

Huggs has no BPA, Phthalate and PVC.

Huggs’ khaki design is comfortable, trendy and just works! Our little girl can grow with this as it goes up to 36 months! We love products that grow with us and are able to help our family enjoy the outdoors. A little tip, we also use Huggs for cleaning and running errands around the house. This is perfect for baby to travel. We can get our housework done while having our baby close by.

Strollers can be cumbersome and cause our baby to feel disconnected to us. That’s why we prefer Abiie Huggs Contour baby carrier. It’s our go to seat on the go!