This book is written in the most interesting way! I Will Fight Monsters For You is about Martina, a little girl who is having trouble sleeping because she is convinced that monsters will break through the floor and bring her into the monster world, where she too, will have to learn the craft of scaring humans.

i will fight

On the other side of things, Anitram, a little girl monster is having the same problem sleeping at night. Above is a noisy little girl who is jumpin on the bed in the upside-down world under her floor.

Martina and Anitram may be from different worlds, but they do have a lot in common. It is not until a hole opens up between their worlds that they are both in for a big surprise.

This beautiful book has a great lesson about those who are different for us andcauthor Santi Balmes writes in such a way that will keep your children intrigued through out the book! Illustrator Lyona has lovely pictures that will keep your children interested and make the monsters realistic!

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