At we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to read to your children as early as possible! There are some great interactive books out their for children of all ages to become involved in the story. Bizzy Butterfly is one of those books. Bizzy The Butterfly has audio books, books, CDs and bookeos for babies and toddlers. Author Emily Longmore has an interactive CD full of music for your children to follow along with. We enlisted our eleven month old little one, who loves to read but gets distracted easily.


Our eleven month old is one of those babies who thinks she is a lot older then she is. She tries to communicate, but as many babies her age, does not have the power to speak in complete sentences. As she read along with “Bizzy The Butterfly and The Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar” she bobbed up and down to the music and would point at Bizzy on every page! Each page is interactive for your young child. For example, Bizzy must count all of the caterpillars on a tree. Our little one sat and pointed along with us as we counted. Each picture boasts bright and attractive colours and easy to understand drawings so our little baby can identify what is going on in the story!

What we love is the text. Emily has obviously tapped into a toddler’s mindset when writing this adventure. She uses repetition in her wording as children explore with Bizzy in the book. Bizzy and your child will count each flower which is a different colour. Each word representing the colour of that flower is typed in the colour itself! Her use of alliteration will help your children with sentence structure and memorization. Our little one loved it and wanted to hold the book for us to show that she can read as well! Emily also describes each situation with such detail it will keep your child engaged in the book!

The book is very interactive with your children. Emily pauses the story to ask your child questions such as “Which flower is the smallest and which flower is the tallest?” It keeps your children engaged with the story and allows them to question the pictures. There are questions for your year old child and questions for a two year old child. The book makes sure it appeals to all of your small ones.

The music in the interactive CD will keep your children having fun! It is rare to have a book that can be used in so many fronts, and Bizzy The Butterfly is one of them!


If you’re looking for a book that will keep your little active toddler interested, then let your little one befriend Bizzy The Butterfly. The book lets your child’s imagination grow with the interactive music and the fun story line.  Our little one adores this book and tries to read it! She loves when we ask her questions about Bizzy and we can tell she is trying to answer. Maybe in a few months she will? We look forward to that day!