We recently got our hands on I Wish I were An Emu, a delightful rhyming book by T.L. Randall. T.L. Randall uses the art of rhyming to teach preschoolers and early level elementary children about new and unusual animals. Within the rhymes are fun facts about each animal!
T.L. Randall is not only an author, she gives back! She has the gift of rhyming in such a way that her verses will stick in your child’s head. This author distributes her books to charities, pediatric clinics, hospitals, impoverished areas around the world and  other various children’s causes.

The drawings are simple and cute and allow your preschooler to easily identify each animal by a quick glance. If you have a child who is visually impaired, this book is designed so that it could be engaging for those who have partial sight. The book soon will be translated in braille. Though it is great for your little one to learn animals that they see everyday, it is just as important to broaden their horizons and expose them to other animals and aquatic life around the world. I Wish I Were An Emu is engaging, and initiates further questions from your little ones!


We love emus, but our personal favorite is the sea horse!

When we allowed preschoolers to read this book, many of them left learning about new animals. A library visit to learn more about their favorite new animal was on the horizon, thanks to T.L Randall’s adorable creatures and rhyme.

The black and white book also allows your child to colour their animals in! The book is not only educational but interactive.

Pick up T.L . Randall’s book today here!



Presently, Children’s Book(s), I wish I were an Emu, is available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.  Availability in the UK and Australia is being contemplated for future distribution.