In Charge Parenting


Do you feel that as a parent, you are in even in charge of your own family? Parenting practices has changed drastically in the last thirty years and new rules, regulations and “norms” have parents feeling like they have lost their power in the raising of their children. In a digital age, parenting practices can be judged, seen and placed instantly in the face of millions. Parents feel like they have lost control though they still want to raise intelligent, kind wholesome citizens. What can parents do? It’s fighting an upward battle.

Psychologist and educator Domenick J. Maglio PhD has written In Charge Parenting. In a politically correct nation, Dr. Maglio has gone into details on how to use purposeful discipline and effective consequences.

We love that this book emphasizes responsibility for children, we think that is lost a lot in today’s world. We think having chores and being responsible for your actions is integral.

For those who follow the bible, Domenick has created these points after biblical practices and natural law. He helps parents instill morals and values into a young mind. He analyzes the differences between his “In Charge Parent” and the Modern Parent. Parents can compare and contrast these two viewpoints in selected graphs throughout the book.

If you have noticed that your personal parenting beliefs are at odds with the modern parent and you want to bring your family back to biblical teachings and natural practices, pick up In Charge Parenting.