Parenting is no easy task! From breaking up sibling squabbles to teaching your children valuable lessons, each day can seem like a trial. On top of it all, your spouse and you have different ideas of parenting. Families struggle when difficulties erupt. How can we make it easier?

Vicki Hoefle has your answer. As a three time author, parenting coach and sought after speak, she has put out a new book that you are surely going to love. Parenting a Partners: How to Launch Your Kids without Ejecting Your Spouse is your map to strengthen your marriage and to launch emotionally healthy and happy children into happy and healthy young adults.

This book is divided into two parts. In Part 1 you will be guided through exercises to reflect and in Part2, you will use your information to begin your parenting plan.

The exercises and examples in this book are the key to understanding. Its okay that your family is not perfect but because of social media today, it can feel like every family is more together than yours. This is not the case. Raising children in the 21st century is something that previous generations cannot relate to and you are paving a path of parenting with modern technology and the world watching.

What we loved best about this book is how it asks the reader to explore their childhood experiences. This may be hard for some or even painful but we learn how our own childhood experiences (both good and bad) shape and influence how we are as parents. You may hate that Mom would only yell but you quickly realize that you too are raising your voice way too much at your little ones. We also love that you have to look at your relationships with your parents or your siblings and how those key formative relationships affect your parenting style.

Now it’s time to come up with a plan. There are six keys to success for implementing a cohesive and successful parenting plan and Vicki Hoefle is going to walk you through every step. Since Vicki is a master story teller and excellent speaker, her words reflect of those as a life coach through your reflective and resetting journey. It’s truly a positive experience!

The stories and examples are not just made up. They are real stories from real couples who have explored their differences and experienced and learned to successfully parent, together as partners.

Whether you have little ones or you are pregnant, this book is going to be a fantastic read. Hoefle has made each section an easy read. Read through this book together as a couple or separately. The reflective questions at the end of every section are imperative to think about in order to strengthen your marriage. These exercises allow us to self-reflect and see parenting in the bigger picture that it is.

We begin to learn to nurture all of our relationships. With each child, our spouse and a family as a whole. Often times, spouses get left in the mix. By the end of this book, it will not feel like you’re going to war at all sides, but truly parenting as partners. Don’t be surprised if a new found love and spark comes back between you and your spouse!

Parenting as Partners can change your life, the relationships in your family and strengthen your relationship with your spouse.