In The Line of Fire


How does any parent begin to explain the violent world we live in to our children and teens? It can be overwhelming for any parent and guardian to begin to dissect and answer questions about war, violence and the cruelty shown by humankind. However, author Jan Arnow has broken it down, honestly and safely, for our older children and parents to understand how to grow up in a violent world.

in the line of fire

If you are a parent, teacher or a homeschooling parent, this book is a perfect resource for your children and teens. It dissects what is considered hard, bullying, violence and social ills to name a few.

From checklists to an action plan for parents, there is so much in this book that both parents, homeschooling parents and teachers will find useful to share with their children. There are also extra recommended reads and it is no secret that this book is well researched. It can be a perfect part of your curriculum or an ongoing discussion with your family.

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