J.P. and the Giant Octopus

It’s no secret that J.P. has an excellent imagination. He goes on a car ride with Dad. J.P. pretends that he is a brave shark. Thankfully, he has his dog as his sidekick to join in the fun. Suddenly, a gigantic octopus shows up to destroy Dad’s car! J.P. does not feel brave anymore! What should he do?


Author Ana Crespo does it again with a wonderful book, J.P. and the Gigantic Octopus! Dad’s car is not being destroyed by a gigantic octopus at all but they are in the car wash and J.P. is scared! Toddlers, preschoolers and young children can relate to being scared when going through something that they do not understand. Crespo lets children go through each emotion of imagination, fear and solving a problem. This book is not only entertaining but also full of life lessons to overcome our fears by understanding what they are. J.P.’s imagination is fantastic and he uses his imagination to go through his fear.

This book also has a section for parents to be able to understand and address a child’s fear successfully.

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