Miller the dog is nervous about Jake planning a big adventure. Jake wants to go around the world but Miller is worried that they are not prepared enough to do this. This colourful, confidence building book is just what children need when they are planning a camping trip, vacation abroad or even just learning how to prepare in case of an emergency.


Author Bernie Carr’s main character, Jake, is a confident kid who knows his way around preparing for an adventure. He is knowledgeable about his surroundings, ensures that he has the important items to travel and he is a constant assurance for worried Miller, his nervous companion. Jake is a great example for children in any situation to stay confident in yourself and be prepared not only for adventures, but any task or trial that life throws at them. The illustrations by Aja Wells are vibrant and detailed, so your child can pick up on some tips on what to pack for their adventure!

We loved the imagination that Jake has in this book but the main point cannot be missed, this book is a confidence building measure for children and families who want to be prepared as preppers or in travel. Staying calm, confident and understanding each situation is key to being able to conquer any challenge. This book is a must have for children who love to explore and are looking to embark on an adventure of any kind. Parents will love that it builds independence, sharpens their child’s awareness about the world around them and builds confidence for taking on challenging tasks.

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