Soprano and Mother Sasha Lazard Interview!

Internationally acclaimed soprano Sasha Lazard has  explored iconic traditional forms and contemporary beats with her music. This in demand singer speaks with our editor about how she balances Motherhood with her fantastic music career. Her new album, Lumiere, comes out today!

Lumiere is about to come out! It has been described as “emotionally raw”. Can you elaborate what your listeners can expect from this fantastic album?

I want to continue in the direction of The Myth of Red, Moonfall, Siren and Miles Away:  combining classic, sometimes ancient melodies with original lyrics, and contemporary production.


With this album though, I want to get more personal, exploring the experience I had in the last few years and somehow put words to it.

This album was a longtime in the making and carried over several phases of my life. My long-term manager Steve Kurtz and I strategized this project about many years ago. In the process of making this album, Steve died of cancer. It took me a long time to move forward after that.  I dedicated this album to him. He was my rock, and I adored him. After leading a very blessed life for the most part, these last few years have been the most difficult. I was an interpreter of songs for my whole career, but I finally realized that I had my own story to tell. With this new CD, Lumiere—I have entered into a new phase of my life. I am a mother of two boys; I have worked through a very complicated romantic situation. I have done a lot of writing on the album, and I have ownership of the whole process. This CD speaks most to who I am and where I am. In the past, I turned to producers, labels, the men in my life to steer my ship-for the first time I have taken ownership of my music, and at the same time control of my life and that has been gratifying.

How long did it take you to complete Lumiere?

It took 5 years.

Tell us what it is like to share your original compositions and a piece of yourself on your new album with the world.

Sasha 2

It is terrifying, yet exhilarating at the same time. Singing my own words, as opposed to interpreting others has been a whole new wonderful experience for me.

How did you juggle being a Mother and a famous singer who is often called to perform around the globe?

I find it very challenging, and my heart is always being pulled in two different directions. I rely heavily on family, the fathers of my children, and caregivers when I am away. I know I blessed to have loving people to help out when I can’t be there. But they really want to be with me, and I with them—so I can’t ever be truly content away from them. But when I am not singing, or being creative—I don’t feel alive—so I am always searching for the balance. It does pay off when I hear my older son boasting that his mother is a singer, and showing off my CD to his friends. My little one has an especially beautiful voice, coming to my singing lessons, and singing all of my songs. I do love raising my boys in an environment surrounded by music, creativity and interesting artists.

We have seen you in the past fusion your classical opera voice with a contemporary vibe. Will we be looking forward to some similar sounds or do you have some surprises in store for all of us?

There will be a lot of similar sounds from past my past albums—but there is a much more personal feel to some of these songs. I think the album achieves real storytelling as opposed to soundscapes.

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